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I feel for you and applaud you for having the courage to reach out. I can certainly relate to relationship upheaval brought on by hormonal changes! I became a "raving maniac" after an unwarranted hysterectomy. So there was no question as to the cause. I was always loving, easy going, mild mannered, energetic, always smiling...that all changed overnight. I lost all romantic and maternal feelings and was so irritable, angry and sad I couldn't stand myself. My poor husband and children didn't know me! I also became severely depressed. I won't even go into all the other nasty repercussions I experienced and are borne out by studies. I take HRT for two reasons: 1) I could not live / function in the state I was in post-surgery, and 2) My body does not have the post-menopausal ovarian hormones that naturally menopausal women produce the rest of their lives and are shown to be critical to good health. I don't like taking pharmaceuticals but, for me, it's better than the alternative.

There are some over-the-counter menopause supplements if your wife can't or doesn't want to take hormones but of course that is her decision. Hopefully, you both can weather this storm (hard to say how long it will last) so it doesn't destroy your marriage.

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