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Hi there..😢
This all happened last monday its been a week that i suffer from insomnia
Heres how it started.
One that monday i couldnt sleep whole night feeling agitated and sweaty. I felt hot but had no fever..
The other day in the morning i googled my symptoms and found fatal familil insomnia and sporadic fatal insomnia.
No one in my family died from ffi so i am scared of sfi which can strike anyone.. on tuesday evening i went to bed at 9 30 pm and woke up at 3 am then slept back till 7 30am. Woke up so tired. And the other day i had stilla light sleep. Since then i am so irritated sensitive to noised i cant sleep if i dont cover my head with my blanket. I sweat a lot get hot but no fever i see weird dreams. My insomnia got worse on sunday night since that i have hypnic jerks when trying to sleep wake up frequently during the night feel like i didnt sleep but my mom came to my room and saw me sleeping she said i touched your head and you were asleep. I didt feel that.
Also when i wake up in morning i dont have that feel of waking up refreshed and mg fatigue gets worse when walking and reading.
Also i am sensitive to light and i am convinced that ill die..
My doctor gave me tranxene but it didnt help.

I am so scared..... i am 18 btw WHAT TO DO!

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