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Celexa question
Jan 10, 2001
... I was on 10mg celexa for 10 days. i went off it for 4 days cause i was having bad headaches and we wanted to make sure it wasnt the medicine causing it. ... (1 replies)
... To anyone who has ever taken Celexa ..... ... (5 replies)
Luvox and Celexa
Jun 12, 2001
... Hi, Celexa is great, I feel no side affects. I feel peacefull, calm, no more overwhelming feelings, also helps the mood swings cause by menapausal. ... (8 replies)

... anxiety attacks that are not being adressed by the dose or med you are on. Hope this was some help. I am on 10mg of Celexa and do not suffer this problem but it is still possible for you. ... (3 replies)
... I would take it in the morning. I did not have side effects on 10mg or 20 mg of Celexa, but it did not work for me. I tried 30 mg of Celexa and I got very agitated. I would suggest taking 20 mg and 10 mg alternately for about 6 or 8 days, and then try the 20 mg. ... (5 replies)
Celexa ???
Jan 10, 2001
... d very many side effects with it ... only some dry mouth and a little nausea the first few days ... but that has went away already. I started out slow .. taking 10mg and now i am working my way up to 20mg just to lessen the side effects .. thats the easiest way for me, i think! i am sorry to hear your husband left you .. ... (4 replies)
... I have been taking 10mg of celexa for the last 9 days. Two times I have woke up in the middle of the night sweating and with a rapid heart beat. ... (3 replies)
... Hi there! I have been on and off of celexa for about a year now. My doctor put me on paxil and wellbutrin. They both caused me to have serious problems with sleeping and nervousness. ... (1 replies)
... i was prescribed 20mg celexa in april 00. like you i was definately NOT a drug taker. ... (13 replies)
Nov 11, 2003
... I have been on Lexapro for about a month now. No side effects. I am on 10mg and think I may need to increase to the 20mg. I was on Celexa for a year and loved it but tried to get off of it and when I got back on ,it seemed to have no effect anymore. ... (7 replies)
What is this?
Jul 9, 2003
... Hi there, i am 22 yr old, dont know where to start but here goes, this will be long but please read and help me out.. thankyou so much in advance... Ok Ok, 4 years ago i met a man and we dated, i done aloads of drugs etc, then i got pregnant, stopped all drugs except pot, i left him he dont have nothing to do with my girl or me, when my daughter was born i was still smoking... (4 replies)
... I had great results with Celexa. Start taking .5mg for a bit and then move to .10mg. I personally couldn't take this med during the day. I took it a dinner time and I was fine. In about the 4th week - I felt really good. (5 replies)
... Hi all, its the end of day 2 of Lexapro 10mg. I had a bit of diarrhea yesterday afternoon but ok today. Actually feel really good and my brain is working quite well. I was tired yesterday afternoon and went to bed early but I did have rather an exhausting weekend with verrrry late nights so put it down to that. I had been taking cipramil (celexa) for about three years and... (22 replies)
Hello All...
Apr 8, 2005
... Hello Everyone, I am new here. I joined because I don't know what I suffer from, nor does any doctor exactly. If I had to self-diagnose, I would say: Uncontrollable Frustration & Anger (once triggered) Depression Aniexty/Paranoia when dealing with people & feelings I have been on the following medications over the last 6 years: (1 replies)
May 13, 2003
... Hi, I am on Lexapro now.I was taking Celexa. I have been on Lexapro for a few weeks(10mg.) and haven't had any side-effects.The first week I did notice a slight increase in my anxiety,but that could have been from starting a new medication(I get nervous, afraid of side-effects). Let me know how you're doing. Longell (7 replies)
... sorry guys this is long Hi there, i am a 21 year old single mum of a 3 yr old daughter, i am single because i gt rid of her dad as he was an abusive druggy, he used to spike me with extasy and all sorts, that was 3 years ago when he spiked me when i was pregnant so i left and now live on my own and have been ever since. I was being treated for mild depression in 2000 1... (3 replies)

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