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I im on 10 mg of Cipramil daily for panic attacks,

this drug isn’t mentioned much on this forum, is it a worthy drug for panic attacks. My doctor seemed to think that i might be depressed because i cried twice under a 3 week spell of getting panic attacks everyday. I’m sure it was just due to the pressure and anxiety of the attacks. But coz i am a bloke maybe he thought crying twice was due to depression setting in. I have no knowledge of depression, though in the UK our dearest boxer (frank Bruno) is recovering from Manic depression and that scares the **** out of me. at one point he thought he was a famous horse racer. and was doing crazy things around town. This wouldn’t bother me but a woman was on TV about depression and she thought she had power from God to heal people. She said when it first started she got panic attacks!

hope not to scare many new panic attack sufferers out there. But can panic attacks lead to such awful manic outcomes. That’s probably my biggest fear of all, like im at the begging of insanity, yet dont get me wrong i have no evidence to back my claims up, but the thought is there nagging and if i new i wasn’t about to go crazy, then i could work on the actual panic attacks themselves.

i was doing great until the other day when i went for a haircut.. As soon as the barber sat me in his seat i new i was all his for about 15 mins. This led into a mass panic attack within the first 2 minutes of my haircut as soon as the ‘chitter-chatter’ with the barber had died down. But after i had left the shop, i congratulated myself for not making a show of and bolting out the barbers with my hair half cut. I made it through the haircut although inside i was panicking like hell. I’m trying to look at this as my first victory on the road to loosing the fear of having panic attacks. I read on a website that Panic attacks are fear or being feared. S u need to face the fear. Not got that far yet but im gonna keep trying. I Just have this doubt that maybe Panic Attacks are the begging of something more serious that stops me from progressing my recovery if that makes any sense,

Sorry about the rambling!!

ps: would like to hear more from the Brits on this board. Us Brits have a tendency not to show our feelings or weaknesses, its kind of instilled in us as our grandparents went through world wars and got on with lives, its hard to say "oh i get panic attacks, and think about them and my mental health daily". Just seems so soppy. I guess its the same for u Americans and Australians although i think your social society seems a little more open to these matters than ours.

Hope to hear replies about these matters soon!

Oh yeah one more thing! Is cipramil addictive in anyway, my doctor said it is a mild anti- depressant and non addictive.

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