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[QUOTE=LoveAllAlways] My anxiety is not caused by stress from my life or my inability to cope with life. My anxiety causes my inability to cope, if you know what I mean. It is purely physical in nature and docs seem to always send everyone with anxiety to a psychologist. Why dont they send cancer patients to a psychologist? They send them to chemotherapy right? Well why is it always assumed by docs that shrinks can help "everyone" with anxiety. Is the shrink going to fix my adrenal glands? [/QUOTE]

Couldn't have said it better myself! When I read articles about the "horrible effects" and "overuse" of anti-depressants, I want to SCREAM!!!! Do you ever see an article saying "tisk, tisk, tisk, chemotherapy is way over-used" or "those who insulin for diabetes are just weak people who can't cope or control what sugars they eat and doctors shouldn't prescribe insulin so much"? NO, of course not! I get sooo angry! Or when someone says "Oh you should just deal with your problems instead of hiding them with meds." DUH, the anxiety is my problem!!!!

Believe me, I am all for seeing a psychologist and learning ways to deal with your anxiety or other disorder. I have been in therapy, mostly cognitive, for a very long time. But if you need meds, then you need meds! It's like if you have a thyroid disorder then it's ok because the thyroid is testable, but if it's mental then it's not ok. Make me so irritated. If someone has hyper-thyroid and they have anxiety then its ok because of their thyroid, but if someone just has anxiety because of a mental disease, then it becomes a whole 'nother story.

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