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I've been mentally unstable for a while now. Firstly I'm regularly in a state in which I feel very anxious.. I can't concentrate on anything and I almost feel like staring into a wall or doing something mind numbing that grabs my attention(so I don't have to feel anxiety). This anxiety feeling is quite irregular and seems to come in sort of waves. And it comes and goes and I find its behaviour highly illogical and strange(erratic).

The bigger problem is that nowadays my thinking feels impaired. I am more absent-minded than usual, sometimes my concentration is not working, my memory seems more faulty and I sometimes just don't notice some things that happen around me. And it's not really uncommon for my mind to go blank in the middle of a sentence when thinking of something. I feel thick-headed. This is absolutely frustrating and my social relationships have suffered because of this all (I'm more introverted than before and can't really relate to people so well) and this maybe causing some of the anxiety.

So I'd be delighted if you people here could shed some light on this. I'm fearing (mostly due the cognitive symptoms) that I maybe having a neurological disorder (brain tumor?) of somekind(ok I'm prone to health anxiety but knowing this doesn't make anything better for me). I'm a teenager so my head should be still working properly. I kindly hope that somebody here could answer me..


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