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[QUOTE=WillB]Can anyone help me, i'm trying to figure out what's wrong.

First of all i'm depressed to the point where i really hate being alive.
I get very angry very quickly, for example, a simple remote control dispute can make me want to kill someone.
I'm becoming more and more anti-social as time goes by, going out almost never, hardly talking to friends, not wanting to leave the house.
I'm constantly anxious and nervous, always feeling like i could be in danger.
I've thought a lot recently about ending it all but haven't tried yet.
I used to be top of the class, now i find myself out of school and having difficulty concentrating on little things like reading a magazine or watching tv.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot, Will[/QUOTE]

Dear Will,
You will probably get about 300 viewings of this post and I suspect, not to many replies. That is because most people are afraid to reply to this sort of thing and that is because they suffer usually from an anxiety or parnoia problem and this creates more symptoms for them. I would like to know if you have sought out any help for this, such as a Therapist or Psychratrist? I can suggest one thing that I do know and am familiar with that may be of interest to you and could be the answer help you. One thing that is a proven fact is that a persons seritonin level is a determining factor in their anger. Your body gives off seritonin and if your constant level of seritonin is low then you will be prone to anger and if very low, to violence. The low level of seritonin is a chemical imbalance and is correctable by a srri drug such as Celexa and some others. I take Celexa and I think it is the most appropriate because it works for me to raise the seritonin level, Obsessive thoughts and depression, but there are others depending on your specific needs. It works on low doses to raise your seritonin to a managable level where you become more passive. Does not mean that you will not be able to defend yourself or others, or make any weaknesses about you, but will just level you out to not get angry for the wrong reasons. It does take a while for the medications to start working and you will probably have some minor side effects at first that will go away. You need to start with a low dosage and work your way up to find what is right for you. You will know as I did, that when you get past where you need to be, you will become overly emotional and will be able to back off to your required dosage. It is only natural to become anti-social with a problem like this because you are depressed about it and you don't want to get yourself in a situiation that you may do something that you would regret. That is a good sign, that you don't want to be this way instead of just excepting it and becoming the person you apparently would hate to become. Panic, anxiety and paranoia play a large part in this also, which makes you distrust others and feel you are in danger. Your mind is creating your natural defenses by creating anxiety, the same as adenalin rush, when you don't need it. But it gets hard to convince yourself that it is not needed, so you retreat to a safe zone, your house. You are consumed with these thoughts, which makes it so you can not concentrate on read, watch tv, etc., because you wander back into the thoughts of you problem. All of this is not as uncommon as you might think, but not very many people will admit it or seek help such as you are. The proper medication or a combination of two can balance your chemistry and stop the anger, depression and obsessive thoughts. This does not mean that you may have to take the medications forever but the situiation to consentrate on right now is controlling the problem, nothing else. I think you should seek the help of a Psychratist for these medications and a Therapist to monitor how you are doing and guide you in the right direction. Without this help, I can say that it is unbearable to be someone other then who you would like to be. I have been there, done that and I can't say that I haven't had some ups and downs, but they have been of a little depression, and anxiety, not anger. The seritonin drug, or srri seems to be the one thing that has stabled my attitude toward things. There are also other medications that will work for this and that is something that you need to discuss with a Psychratrist. Also don't get into the false thinking of drug classes such as if the psychratrist suggests an anti-psycotic medication. That does not mean that you are psycotic. These medications are used as mood stablizers also. The drug class does not suggest that you are in the class in which it is in. Society might look at it that way, but society is blind to these things anyway. Be as open an descriptive as you can with your Psychratrist, so he can make the right choice of medication for your particular problem. Everyone is different and have to be medically treated as such. See a Psychratrist, not a regular MD., they are not experts in this field. Get some help and I feel for your situiation, I know what it is like. Good luck and post back with progress.

Sickman :)

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