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When I was depressed I found the[B] worst thing to do was not eat [/B] - it affects your mood & concentration - when i would lose my temper i would have pure rage (over something stupid - like spilling my drink or dropping something -
but I realised smashing up my own stuff - [B]my own stuff [/B] !!! would just make me more angry & when i calmed down and realised what i had smashed or broken it would piss me off more!! (i was in a bad gang & you could never show weakness or express your real feelings) I have had a very hard life !!

a year ago my best mate died & it really makes you realise the value of life - I saw the damage it caused to his family and friends (two other mates the years before) now i have been diagnosed with a heart condition that could prove fatal ( i am only 21)- I cant Drink alcohol, coke (got caffeine in) or most soft drinks - or eat chocolate, crisps, sweets, fried food, or many carbs, bread, rice, pasta or basically anything nice.
It has taken me a massive shock (four trips to casualty in an ambulance) to value life & try and live it to the full.


Dont kill yourself over something like that there are so many women out there (roughly 3billion - 3,000,000,000) & I love them all - except the 40stone+ ones lol !!.

The best way to deal with anger is get fit (natural endorphins the best drug going & no downer) - it teaches you control - I started boxing when i was 16 (21 now recently had to quit) and after i rarely i lost my temper within three weeks i could control it - i had many boxing fights won some lost some.

Trust me it will get easier, in a few years you might not even remember this event - you want to go to your doc & tell him your depressed - he may give you some mild drugs that kick start your brain to release serotonin (your brains happy medicine) for a few months.(or if the medicine you are taking doesn’t make you feel top of the world you should ask to change it)

It takes more of a man to admit he needs help than a man who suffers in silence.

Get out your room even just for a walk,

These girls that have left you have not even matured yet, why do you care what they think!
I guarantee they will feel much worse than you - women are much more emotional
& as you get older it becomes easier to handle. get out get busy

[B]You might have 50 years yet - enjoy it !![/B]



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