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I can relate to this many different ways. I have have had thyroid problems since I was 8, now 22. Mine are opposite, hypothyroidism from hashimoto's disease (instead of tall, I was fat). I grew up lying out my teeth...still tell stories, just ones that are believable and are just that...stories mostly, maybe not lies. I have been dx'd with bipolar, with a high tendancy to becoming schizoid and mildy antisocial. I have never taken anything for my mental problems, but I do see a huge huge HUGE difference when I am taking different dosages of my meds. Sometimes I get hyper- like your friend, but I am always on the go, talking, anxious to get things done, insomniac, panic ridden, etc. Hypo causes depression and severe mood swings. I can't come to make myself take things for bipolar because it 'could' just be an elevated form of my thyroid issues (with hashis you can go from hypo to hyper). I also had period irregularities, they are quite common with thyroid diseases. I am still passed from doctor doctor, it seems they just pass me along because they don't have the time to read and learn about what are my problems that can be fixed. I would like to give up on them, but I know I can't. I would talk to this woman, see if she even notices that people have noticed things about her that don't seem quite herself. Express being herself, not being 'normal' or 'right'. That would be very offensive to many people...

I think its great you want to help, but please don't do it because you want the recognition from people. Try to keep this under tabs- and tell her this as well. It sounds to me like you have a very good heart, very understanding. I think its just wonderful to see you want to help her- more people need to have your ambition.

I also would like to add that the reason I lie so much- its mostly to myself, I think its truth with some extra flowers. I have to convince myself of things, and by telling people of them, its very easy to believe them. Many things are just so silly to lie about- but they make me feel better. I have what some people call the 'most sad tale' kind of life, and I do not believe that, so I make them not believe it either. It's easier to make something up then tell the truth at times. It's ridiculous I know, I have almost stopped alltogether, but it takes years to undo what I was so used to. I am just so used to hiding my true feelings and actions in my life. I am so confused these days of what those could even be. Perhaps that could be her situation as well.


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