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Re: Is this crazy?
Apr 16, 2004
This is a messege I posted on another board I go to.
This is what has been happening to me.

Hi... as you might know from my previews posts, I've broken up with my girlfriend because she cheated on me. That was 3 weeks ago. The first 2 weeks it was so hard for me, I was depressed, feeling empty, was missing her SO much! it was so hard on my heart. I didn't go out anywhere for 3 weeks (expeprtion a few days when I went out with friends, but that's about 3 days in three weeks). I was in my room most of the time, laying in bed, watching TV or going online... and just crying and feeling horrible. Hardly ever left my room to go to the kitchen.

Now, I've been doing pretty OK, I have agreed that, hey, that's life, she cheated... I don't care as much now and I'm finally able to deal with this better. Finished my CV and gonna look for work.

But, other than feeling heart broken because of my relationship - I feel like I am going crazy... and here is why.

I've had really wierd moments where, all of a sudden, my brain gets this pressure and it phisically feels like I am going crazy, in my head, everything is SO confusing and irrotated, frightening and horrible and I am confused with what is happening around BUT, I DO understand what is happening around, it's just that it feels strange.

From the outside I look normal to my Mum., but when I feel bad, I feel like one of those 'really crazy' people insitde my head.

I ahven't been out for a long time, now, when I go to a shop, and leave my house, when I go outsiede, everything feels so strange and I feel strange and uneasy. Peopel, transport, shops, they arte strange (but i t's not dp/dr-like strange).

I don't eat much now, I try my best to eat as much as I can but cuz of what happened, it was hard to eat. I'm trying now though to eat more.

Yesterday, I woke up and was feeling pretty good. then had some soup and I felt strange... but it went away, 5minutes later, the strange feeling in my head came back and left again... and then i was relaxed and all of a sudden some sort of attack hit me... i felt a strange sensation going up from my tummy to my chest... and was strange, my brain started to feel a presure and it felt like some part of my brain was overworking that was making me feel crazy. my arms becamse weak and my palms startted to sweat. my heard started to beat strong i felt. i was feeling like going crazy. now, if this is a panick attack, it's a nerw typo of a panick attack for me! it's more of a classical-sympotms of panick attack which i never had before in my previews panick attacks. but, was it a panick attack?

i went up on the roof today (where i live we have a nice, comfy place on the room, it's save! lol... there's flowers and places where u can sit and relax)... on teh roof, I relaxed a bit... the roof is the 10th floor. i relaxed whne sitting there, but my mind was still fighting insited with itself... i close my eyes, relax and then look at the sky and i feel strange,like, wow, a sky... or, whatever i look at, it feels like it's some 'unreal' thing i'm looking at :S...

my brain never feels relaxed, hardly ever, most of the time I feel pressure on my brain...

i don't know what it is like to go craxy, but, this is how I can explaine the 'feeling' i get... going 'crazy'.

i'm scared to go out and i don;t know why... scared to leave my house now! on my own.

i just hope these are not some pre-symptoms of some mental unstability....

some doctore i talked to online said that I have pre-symptoms of shicz dissorder! :S...

for any reply thatnk you!

AM i going crazy? WILL I get better? i try to get better by going out, but i'm scared to go out, i try to relax but i can't axctuallyt do it, i try to keep my brain sytmu;lated but it feels like it has its own mind and playng tricks...

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