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I just posted about My so called conversion disorder. I never got dx by a Shrink. I got DX by Neuro and a Neuro-Physco. I have been physically sick for 2 years. I know that mental illness does not pick it victims, but I think that Shrinks and other doctors have gone too far. If they can't figure it out, then it must be mental. I have choose not to see a shrink under the reccomendation of 2 doctors. I feel that their DX is so far out of reach. I am not a Doctor or a Shrink, but I know myself well enough to be honest with myself. I don't see any kind of conflict within myself. One year ago I quit my job (which I loved) to regain physical health. Since then I have new symptoms and no one wants to hear about them. Why? I will tell you why CUZ THEY LABELED ME! Now what do I do if I am really sick? Are they sending me to the rubber room or am I getting treatment? I wonder.

I think that you need to look inside yourself and really ask, Is this really what I need? Maybe your Shrink is great, but be careful, I don't trust them. How funny that the information is so vague. I have been to the Library and really have not found much on it. This might help a little bit....My Neuro-Physco, said that I need Phsycotherapy with empahsis on Behavioral skills for the conversion disorder. Now I haven not found any shrink here in NM that does that. So, what the heck is it? See, I think there is something awfully fishy going around here. Beside, any Doctor that is going to look into my mind better be mentally healthy. I have read a report that said Shrinks are mostly mentally unstable themselves. Well, I am sorry but heck I am not going to allow Jeffery Dhamer, Physco analyze me. Ok! so we know Kim is agaisnt Shrinks.

I am not sure if I helped or hurt you. I wish you all the luck with a healthy body and mind. Don't stop searching for an answer.


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