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[QUOTE=alphamale9009]Sorry, don't know what conversion disorder is, but as for the question can stress cause physical pain, everyone on this forum knows the answer is yes. Common are heart pain, headaches, throat pain, and instant muscle fatigue. Chronic stress can cause heart disease and diabetes, and from there of course, organ damage. The good thing is it's easily treateable.
Hope you find out what's wrong with you and get it fixed.
good luck
I am experienceing visual problems like double vision, eyelid droppy, temp change, head pain(untreatable), tooth pain and 3 loose teeth, ear pain and impaired hearing, numbness, tingling, they seem to be Neurological in origin. I also have fatigue, muscle weakness (the neuro-optho saw muscle weakness in my eye but opted to dx with a mental disorder.) All my organs are in tip top shape. I had my Gallbladder removed 2 years ago, and other than that I am healthy.

Another thing is that I don't feel stressed or mentally unstable. Ho Hum!

Thanks for your reply,

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