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I'm 18 now and was put on Paxil when I was 17 after the death of my father. I took Paxil for a little over 6 months and then decited that I didnt need Paxil anymore. First I tried the whole cold turkey thing, my thinking was that I'll jsut stop taking it and that will be that, wow big misteak! The symptoms from hell came! So I told my doc. about what I had tried he suggested I taper off the drug, DU why didnt I think of that. So I did try that for months and months still 2 my horror and surprise the sever withdrawl symptoms were way 2 much for me 2 handle, the migrains were the worst, I actually cried from the constant pain. So I go back 2 the doctor again and he acts like he has no idea about the withdrawls I'm speaking of and offers me no help!!! Simply suggests I go back on the Paxil, that was definitly not an option. So I did some research online... I had no idea how addictive Paxil is, my Mother nor I would of ever put me on it if we had been informed that basically you can't get off of it!!! :eek: So now my doctor has put me on Zoloft basically as a weaker replacement for the Paxil my body is craving and in the hope I can taper off of it, I don't think he even knows what 2 do, so yeah right now I'm on 12.5mg it was 100mg and I've tapered down slowly. Supposedly you can quit Zoloft cold turkey and its suposed 2 clear out of your system rather quickly, sure,lol. I also looked up the withdrawl symptoms of Zoloft and am having a very hard time even finding any information! They basically claim there is none. So now I have not taken any Zoloft for 4 days. I'm having headachs but not where near as bad as when I tried to go off Paxil, also hmmm I'm not sure how 2 explain it but basically strange things dealing with my vision and some others symptoms. So far they have been annoying but I'm determined 2 get off of all these kinds of drugs! When looking up the withdrawl symptoms of Zoloft they don't include headachs :confused:, is anyone else having this issues or is it just me? Cause my doc. sure seems 2 act like its just me! Also I havent taken any Paxil for over a month it should be out of my system, right? I'm trying 2 keep up hope :rolleyes:. it says the effects should go away within 1-2 weeks. Its like a viscious cycle and its sooo scarry, will I ever stop having all these effects? I just need some support or some advice from some people who have gone through all this. I'm young, extreamly confused, my doc. is an idiot and getting a new doc. right now is not an option.

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