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As a teen ( I am now in my 20's) I was diagnosed by a doctor who was seeing my father as well with being bipolar. However, I felt at the time and to this day that I was incorrectly diagnosed, based on the fact that my symptoms are very very different from his, and also the conflict of interest of having both of us seeing the same behavioral health specialist.

Within the last year, I was put - by request - on a medication for the first time in years. It was Effexor and was supposed to treat my depression. I was also given Xanax, to treat my anxiety.

My mood is a split between these two things, but without the cycling (either rapidly or sporartically) that would lend itself to bipolar disorder. My mood often begins with a bout of serious panic/anxiety, then followed with a sad feeling.

Today I was changed to a new med, again one for depression. But just I explain time and time again that I am anxious to my docs, and always end up on an antidepressant. The weird thing was the even this new doc today said he thought I was experiencing anxeity.

What gives? Has anyone else had a similar experience in trying to decide if you feel anxious or depressed? I don't experience the lack of desire to care for myself, see people, go to work - I love all those things - yet I am finding what makes them hard is my fears and pounding heart and underlying sadness from feeling this way.

Help and advice appreciated! :)

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