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Does any know anything about sever impulsivity or have any experience or know anybody with it? What mental health condition could be causing this?

I have been depressed and bored, and told I have ADD of the inatentive type. I 've become more and more impulsive recently, and feeling unable to to control my urges. It is out of the ordinary for me I believe.
Does any one think a new medication could cause it . I have started taking celxa 1 year ago and strattera in addition 3 months ago.

If feel so unable to control myself. I feel so agitated and figity and when I think of something I want to do that I can't stop thinking about it until I do it. When I know I shouldn't do it. Such as spend money. Shake and Dance.
Even when I want to get a newspaper or a snack, I HAVE to get it NOW. I lost all my patience. Even in the middle of the night I get out of bed and take a walk up to the 24 hour store in the middle of the night . I feel so agitated.

I call people, when I know I shouldn't bother them. And lately I have been craving cigarettes and booze, although I don't smoke. I can't stop thinking about these things!!

I don't think it is all the time, it usuall comes on sudenly, off and one, like a roller coaster during the day. like I'll think about something and I haaaavvve to do it. Is this compulsive behavior??

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