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Anti depressants side effects are much stronger than the medications for anxiety. Having been on many different SSRI drugs over the years I have found the most difficult side effects to live with were the sexual side effects. Unfortunately SSRI's are notorius for this with men(impotence and delayed ejaculation etc). Everyone is different and responds differently to each medicine though and some have geater side effects than others. SSRI's are also notorius for giving people stomach problems. While on Zoloft for 2 years I got an ulcer and irritable bowel syndrome which they attributed to the medicine. Other side efefcts I have had were drowsiness, nervousness sometimes, dry mouth and dhiahrea. The worse drug for side effects I have taken was Paxil(each person is different though). I was always tired but couldnt sleep well, had nervousness, and had absolutely no sex life. I couldnt get off this drug quick enough. Prozac was the first medication I tried years ago and it worked well but I gained like 30 pounds. After a while it stopped working and was switched to Paxil then Zoloft. I am now taking Lamictal for Bipolar disorder and this drug deosnt have many side effects accept a little diziness and insomnia.

I have also been treated with Xanax and Klonopin for anxiety. The side effects are pretty low and usually go away after a while. At first I had a brain fog and disorientation and dizziness. I didnt have stomach problems or any sexual side effects as I have had with the SSRI's.

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