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Hi Bif!

Sorry to hear you went to the ER! :confused: Was it anxiety related? (Sorry, I don't mean to pry if it isn't something you want to talk about.) I feel for you, I really do. Let me quote Byron, who said "I doubt sometimes whether a quiet and unagitated life would have suited me- though I sometimes long for it." I feel this way all the time, I'm sure many with anxiety disorders do, too. Have you found that people with anxiety/panic disorders frequently have other mental illness involved as well? I sometimes wonder if my bipolar or borderline personality causes the anxiety OR if the anxiety causes the agitated borderline moods or irritable bipolar states. It all seems to be a big circle. You know, I frequently think "If they can have a [B]CURE[/B] for so many illnesses, why can they only [I]HELP[/I] mental disorders? Why not a [B]CURE[/B] for them as well?" Oh, the wonders of modern medicine....

Hundtoft :wave:

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