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Long story ahead...

This all started in middle school. I became friends with a girl who I hadn't really known before. She was odd, laughed at everythign I said, but nothing seemed too out of place about her (being socially alienated for most of my life, i'm not picky about friends). Soon, though, certian things abotu her began to bother me. I wasn't the first o point out that she was 'stalking' me, but once it was poitned out, it became obvious. She would repeat my own way of speaking, by the xact some clothes as me, try and be friends with my friends...she even took over all of my interests and most aspects of my personality. It got to the point when we were in the beginning of our high school years where I would say "Don't follow me" and she would follow me, anyway. It sounds like I'm exaggerating, but I am not. She actually took over every last it of my personality. It's the most enraging thing I have ever enoucntered. That year, I had a small breakdown during school hours and had to cool down in the nurse's office because of this girl-I had been stupid enough to mention some books I wanted to read while she was around, and she had read them first and reported back to me abotu how awesome they were (keep i nmind, this is after two years of this happening-it builds up). It later became obvious that this girl simply COULD NOT function on her own. She needed a perosnality to leech off of, and she can't be without a boyfriend. She latches on to mentally unstable people who she doesn't even enjoy the company of simply because she knows they'll never break up with her.

Now we're getting towards the end of high school, and it's becoming increasingly obvious to everyone who interacts with her that she is not sane. She does things like sitting on the ground laughing at absolutely nothign during marching band practices, when no one has been talking to her. Once, after tlaking to another friend in the parking lot of the school, she announced she was going to "jsut sit there for a while". A while back she had dyed her hair color to match mine. She now leeches off of drama to the point where she creates incredibly unrealistic dramatic scenarios that did not really happen. She walks around talking about how her life is just liek the gossipy teen novels she reads, and recently compared her life to Mean Girls, when it's nowhere near that, obviously. Recently my close friends and I have tried to phase her out, but she will actually just see us standing around, come up to our group, and get in a car with us. Since she's there, we figure someone invited her, but after questioning later it always turns out that no one did.

Now recently, there has been some actual real drama between some friends. This girl walks around tlakign about how much she hates it and wishes she wasn't involved. Thing is, she's not involved. I told her to her face directly the other day that she ISN'T involved and needs to stay out of it, and she still walks around as if she even knows the peopel involved. She's never even hung out with the people involved. I'm not even involved and it concerns my best friend, that's how contained it is.

The weirdest thing she's done recently is when a friend told her she wasn't sure if she wanted to go to a concert she was comign to with me and some friends. I walked in on this girl telling my friend "Don't go. Just whatever you do, DONT go. She doesn't RULE you. She can't control you!" Referring to me. That friend later told me that she was also told by this girl to "Pretend you're dead when she comes to your door." This girl had no reason to say anything like that and legitimately frightened my friend with her weird rambling about how I don't rule her.

I guess what I'm wondering there a specific name for what is wrong with this girl? She's paranoid, creates dramatic and unreal scenarios, is devoid of an inherent personality, likes to latch onto and copy people, and does not understand social interactions in the least bit.

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