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Please do not disregard this thinking it is not important, I could really use someone's help because I feel like I am completely alone and I do not know what to do. I can't really talk to anyone because I don't want them to think I am strange, or just blow off my problem since it doesn't seem usual...

Ever since I was about 7 years old I have had a problem with constant daydreaming. I used to do it mainly at night, I remember around the age of 7 it would be little things like playing in the playground with a make believe boy from school. A few times I would daydream in class and completely forget where I was. In 2nd grade I remember the entire class was already outside on the playground but I was so lost in daydreaming that I didn't even realize it until after the teacher called my name about 7 times.

As the years progressed, I am now 19, these daydreams have intensified greatly. During my highschool years I would daydream only at home while in my bedroom, not in classes. These were usually about me being a different person and in diffent scenarios in life but I was always dating or married to someone who was successful and nice and handsome..unlike ANY other guys I knew in my life.

These dreams affect me everyday. I often get confused and find it hard to differentiate between reality and daydreams. I daydream around 4 or more hours a day now. This semester I just moved away to a university and I rarely study. I now even daydream during class lectures like in grade school.. It is not normal, and I know this. In my daydreams right now, I dream of me being completely different, older, wiser, prettier. Married with kids and it really is just an alternate reality. Almost like reading a book exceot I am living it. I think I started daydreaming as an escape from some problems in my childhood and it just stayed with me all these years. It scares me sometimes. But in a way, i don't WANT to stop because daydreaming makes me feel good when I have nothing else to do. Ever since I moved away to college my social life has completely stopped. Even when I lived at home I didn't have much of one but now I never go out anymore. Maybe I daydream so I can feel better about myself and so I won't go crazy from being alone. I really don't know, but I know that it has to stop. I know that I need to find another way to cope with the problems of life but I don't know HOW I can get help. I am currently seeing a psychologist because of some family problems and childhood problems that i had. Should I discuss this with her? How do I bring it up? Is this an actual disorder?

Again, please, i beg of you...don't disregard this thinking it is a joke or something. I know it doesn't SOUND real but I need help and I have no where else to turn.
[QUOTE=kerry1]Daydreaming addiction can be very serious; you need a therapist who takes this seriously. It may be from past abuse, or due to attention deficit disorder (without the hyperactivity) or a number of things. But it needs to be addressed if it's as all-consuming as you say it is. It's the intelligent person's "coping mechanism" for a reality that's just a little too hard to bear. My guess is that you'll never give it up completely, but you need to "shrink it down to size" and start living in reality most of the time.[/QUOTE]

thank you so much for replying. I had to cancel my therapist appointment last week due to finals that I had. But I do have an appointment this Friday and I plan to bring it up somehow. Im just nervous because everyone that has replied seems to HAVE daydreams like me, yet they only last a few minutes, mine last [B]hours[/B]. :( I just feel like a freak or something.

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