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I got married 6 months ago. Since then I have told lies, and despite wanting to make up for anything I have done to cause my wife pain, have continuously made the wrong decisions. (see the other thread I posted last week).
I have had some councelling and this week discovered some truths about myself that I had never even considered before. (I am adopted and my father (for good reasons) dismissed all my dreams, aspirations and anything that was of value to me. This is in part why I feel that I am worthless and that I can never do right. I was told as a child "why are you destroying this family).
Anyway, the problem I have is that it is too late. My wife has begged and pleaded with me to make right all I have done, and I have "shut down" emotionally and not seemed to make the effort or be bothered, even though she is more important to me than life. She has been so patient, caring and forgiving and now it is too late. I really feel now that I understand WHY i have behaved in the way I have, that I can change the way I react. I love my wife so much and know that she is really depressed and can see no reason to go on. Is there any hope???

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