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Thank You for trying but I guess I need to say more! I have many issues. I guess my anger does tend to come out in my irratability. Especially with people I am extremely close with. Time doesn't seem to make the anger go away. And if time isn't the answer what is.Everything reminds me of these's issues and in the pit of my stomach I feel it there always. There are days when I feel Ok but in a flash I am irritated. I try to hide it because I don't think anyone really wants to hear my ill feelings. I was physically, sexually and mentally abused from 3 to 11 yrs. of age. I am now 28. My children are 3 and 10 and I see them and I don't understand why anyone could ever do the things my father did to me. I look at them, they are the exact ages I was and I love them so much I think I could hurt someone really bad if anything was to happen to them. I tend to be too over protective of them, But the angry thoughts are there. I am a Single mother and I tend to be very critical to their father's because I had a father like mine. I guess my anger tends to come out in bickering. I guess that's why I don't have a relationship now. I guess I am looking for away to loose this anger. I have been put on Lexapro and Seroquil for 4 months. The doctor just kept raising the dosage.It eventually gave me seizures. I tried geadon for a year It didn't help any just made me feel like I was not in this world and I would sleep all the time and it was hard for me to even wake up. I was on prozac for 3 years and I felt very addicted. Like I had to have it or my world would become very emotional and a any sec I would cry as if it made me very depressed. But even with all the medications I still feel the anger. That's why I feel the doctors must be wrong about me. My mother tells me I need some type of medication. And she makes me feel as though I am wrong in my feeling. I believe her. My oldest daughter is starting to do the same as me, get irritated, try to hide it, then feel guilty if she does show her ill feelings. So I know I have to do something but how do you do something when you don't know how to get the help you need.

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