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[QUOTE=Lectus](I posted this on the healthy lifestyles forum. I just wanted to see the differences in the kind of advice I got from different forums... I have a feeling that a mental health forum would probably lean more toward this being all in my head than the other. This isn't a silly experiment, it's a real problem. I just wanted the replies to cover a broader spectrum of solutions.)

I can't smell it myself (It may be possible that I've become accustomed to it.), but I can kind of tell by the hints people try to drop, their body language coupled with violent fits coughing, sneezing, sniffling, and irregular breathing (carefully-regulated mouth-breathing). The intensity of these signs increases if I remain wherever I am (in a theatre, restaurant, reception area, etc...). These aren't isolated incidents that I'm zeroing in on and blowing out of proportion... These are just clues gathered over time. People act like this wherever I go, and it just seems unlikely that we're having some kind of wide-spread cold epidemic.

The sickest thing is that I'm not even sure what kind of smell it is... I wash up twice a day, wear fresh, clean clothes when I go out, and brush my teeth. Nobody has confronted me directly... The closest they've gotten was to give me cryptic, read-between-the-lines messages ('I'm might get into landscaping. You know, all that fresh air... *sniff* ahh....'). A former boss once gave me some mentos as well... which is confusing, because I was always under the impression that this was a body odor... Maybe I have bad breath on top of the bo? I don't know. It's hard to say, because no one will be honest with me.

As you might imagine, this has caused much mental distress, and eventually landed me in the psyche ward. My hospitalization led to a whole other hell, as the mental health pros refused to acknowledge any sort of odor (although I noticed them, as well as other patients, giving me strong physical signs of disgust.) Even, on the morning after I came, while I was wearing dirty clothes I'd taken a sort of hike in the day before (They were covered with sweat, and even I could smell them...), one male nurse smelled me up close and said that he didn't smell anything. I've been in outpatient treatment since then, and in counseling, and that's been the general stance of the mental health pros ever since. I suppose that they figure that, since they can't do anything about the odor directly (given that I wash up regularly and clean my clothes, and they can't do anything medically for me), they'll try to make me disbelieve it, since my belief that I have a body odor is technically irrational.. One doctor said that I don't have any proof that I smell, and all of my evidence is circumstantial. As if the human mind was a court of law. Of course all of the evidence is circumstantial... If a thousand people had told me that I smell and I couldn't smell it, and even if I could, it might be considered circumstantial. Idiocy.

So I'm forever stuck one step behind fixing this problem, and trying to get someone to admit that it exists, so the medical doctors will take me seriously... It's really rediculous the lengths people will go to to avoid talking about body odor. Is our culture so anal that we can't address a problem if only to fix it? Obviously I wouldn't be so upset to hear someone say that I smell since I so strongly believe it.

At this point I'm not even going to ask how to fix the problem... You are all free to make suggestions but, in all likelihood, I've probably heard them before. Right now I'm focused on getting an honest answer... I'm leaning toward doing a survey of monks... What reason would they have for lying, either way? I just have to assure them that I won't be upset if they admit that I have an odor. Maybe write up a little speech about how not being sure has turned me into a paranoid recluse.

If they don't admit it, then either I'm insane or the rest of the world is, and simply disappearing will be the best solution (not a suicide reference, btw... I just mean that I'll take to living far from any kind of civilization.).[/QUOTE]
my heart goes out to you because you just don't know what to do i to have the same problem and i'm married my husband acts like i'm crazy he doesn't smell any thing but when his sister comes around he makes little jokes. I"m confused does he really love me to make so insercure that i don't even be around others. its a whole lot with me and i sure with you also just wanted to write to tell you your not the only one out there its hard especially when you wash more then normal people and want peace of mind in your own skin. I to have tryed and paid for everything on the market.

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