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DAY ONE: I have a nodule on the left side of my throat, and it is about 3cm x 3cm. It is not tender or painful.

I don't feel like it is a lymph node (no pain etc)

it doesn't move much when pressed, and it feels rather hard to the touch.

Also, this may be completely unrelated, but I have had itchy patches (like exzema) on my eyelids.

I am scared to death!! Please give me any advice or help!

My Dr thinks it must a swollen lymph gland, but I am afraid it's cancer...I return in a week to see it's progress...

I have no insurance, and the closest city is 2 hours away. My partner and I just moved here to paradise along the northern coast of California, finally living our dream of owning a Bed & Breakfast...Now I'm afraid it's over.

DAY THREE: I am scheduled to revisit my Dr. today. I've noticed that my voice is changing, more of a strained, deep voice....tired sounding...Also my vision seems worse..?

Also, I am having involuntary facial twitches, not horrible, but they seem to be getting progressively worse, first my upper lip, then cheek and now tonight forehead...I've noticed I am tired a lot, and have less appetite.

I also have a sore in my nose that's new. Could just be a pimple or something..? Am I driving myself nuts, or what?!

The mass in my neck is painless and hasnt grown in the week or so since I've first noticed it. Its aout 3 x 3 cm

DAY FOUR: Saw my Dr, whe basically had no good advice. The good news is that the reported size is now 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm. At least I guess that's good news, the Dr didn't seem to care one way or the other. Nose is fine and I think the twitches have stopped for now. Did feel pain in chest area, left side, near rib cage, under brest, along the side, had the same pain a few weeks ago, was sure it was an immenient heart attack

DAY FIVE: Had a TOTAL meltdown last night at 3:30 AM. Starting balling uncontrollably. Feel alone and scared. Totally freaked out. Went to ER, Doc there waived me right in, and after 2 seconds said I was being nuts for no reason, said he'd seen tons of lymphoma and that this wasn't cancer, he personally "guaranteed" me that it would go away in a while, and said to quit thinking about it.

He checked for other lymphs and said not to worry.

Went home and felt like I had a new lease on life.

DAY SIX: Still worried, and now my voice seems to still be changing and I feel overall "off" like I'm sick, or almost sick with the flu, etc...

Also, I had fresh (bright red) blood on my stools (I've had this a few times in the last 3 years with what I call anal fissures. Are these related to Lymphoma?

DAY SEVEN: Been two weeks since I first noticed the lump. Family swears it seems smaller still, but I feel fatigued. I've been breaking out in tears frequently. Also, the lump seems more spread out maybe. I also have hot flashes and feel like maybe there are swollen lymphs in my arm pits, chin area and groin, and I think I have a fever occassionally. Have a slight discomfort on my left rear flank, below my ribcage, kind of like a muscle pain, might be from recent work I've been doing physical. Some tingling in my extremities and occassional headaches.

DAY EIGHT: Have appt next week for followup with the GP Doc. Have slight (weird feeling) sore throat, and maybe a slight ear ache (in same side as lump, right side). Then, I also have pain on the side (almost like when you walk too fast too much), on my right side.

Also, noticed white stuff on my lips that look to me like thrush.

Sorry for all the detail. ANY advice would be greatfully appreciated!!

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