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I've been having a difficult week. I'm having a hard time making the simplest decisions. It all started last week when my DH irritated me, it was the silliest thing too, but thats besides the point. I usually rake the grass when he mows. But I was having a hard time deciding wheter to rake or not, because he irritated me. I sat in this house & argued with myself for over an hour about raking the grass!!!!

Then today we were going to go on a motorcycle ride & he asked me where I wanted to go. I couldn't decide. So I freaked out. We ended up putting the bikes away & I came in the house & threw some things around, broke a few things, then went & laid down for awhile.

I don't know what's going on, my thoughts aren't my own anymore. I deal with stress by going to sleep. I had a rough day on Monday at work, so I came home & went straight to bed @ 5pm and slept until 630 the next morning. I'm so moody, it's ridiculous. One minute I'll be in a great mood, then the next I turn into a monster, then I sit & cry.

I know it sounds like depression. I was on medication for it several years ago, but haven't been taking any for 3 years. Everything seemed fine. Now all of the sudden, it seems like it's crashing down on me again....

Is this just a phase because I've been so stressed out, or should I seek the help of a professional?

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