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May 28, 2005
Hi, I am actually writing for my brother. He has always had a lot of depression and anxiety. It's kinda hard for him to keep a job or like any of them for that matter. He is in his 40's now and so fed up and frustrated with life and himself.
He always takes the Xanax to sleep but I told him to try anti-depressants. So he did get Lexipro from his doctor but he seemed to gain weight with now his colesterol is really high. Plus he still seem to be depressed to my anyway. So now the doctor gave him Effexor. I was wondering if anyone could speak from experience about this medication. I don't read the "drug info" since they never give the real info on what some drugs do to people. Does this seem to help anyone and does it give anyone any side effects? Any indo would be great.

Thank you

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