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Hi there,
I'm hoping someone here might be able to point me in the right direction.
Yesterday i got a phone call from my 16 year old sister who still lives at home with my mum and dad who sounded absolutely terrified!
She said she had been sat in her bedroom, playing on her play station when my mum came out of her bedroom, screaming "how dare you come into my home, get the **** out" and stormed up stairs to the lounge (the house is upside down) anyway, my kid sister said there was no one else in the house, and by the time my mum had got to the top of the stairs she seemed fine again. This really scared my sister. I told my other sister about it, who also like me lives away from home and she told me that this wasn't the first time this had happened. Apparently when my mum was on holiday with my youngest sister last year, she did the same kinda thing - screaming and shouting at someone that was not there (whilst she was in the shower). This has really scared my kid sister and I have to admit I find it very worrying, as my mum is normally so very quiet and gentle, and she certainly doesn't swear.
I don't know if this is maybe the start to some mental health problems, and I've read so much stuff over the last 24 hours my brain in totally spinning. I don't know if I should sit down and talk to my mum, or ask my doctor about it or I don't know what. I'm also worried as my mum looks after small children at her home during the day when their parents are at work shes a child minder, and I'm afraid that if she is maybe ill something could happen to the kids or her when no one else is about.
Do you think I should ask her about it? I would talk to my dad, but he's not the easiest of people to talk to, and I don't think he would believe us anyway as from what I gather he's never seen her do this. I'm very worried and would really apreciate some suggestions on this matter.
Thanks in advance!

a very very worried daughter.

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