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This is going to be a long one so apologies and thanks in advance.

My mother is in her mid 60's. My parents divorced about 20 years ago, and I was still at home at that point. I left home and started a family. The old family house fell into disrepair, as she was the only one there, and not very handy. ( I feel so guilty about that, because I am VERY handy, but Ive also got five kids and I work like 65 hours a week)

She had always been a pack rat of sorts, filling the old house with all sorts of junk. Furniture other people got rid of, and that sort of thing. Over the years, Ive always had a key to the house, and I would make trips there sometimes to raid the attic and "rescue" things that were mine, before they would be lost forever to the squirells that frequent the attic, or the leaking roof. Gradually, the place became more and more cluttered with junk.

OVer the last five years, as Ive had some occasion to visit the place, Ive marveled at how cluttered it became in there....always left the place shaking my head good naturredly about the narrow paths there were through the piles of junk.

SOme years ago, she took three cats from my Sister, who was going to get rid of them. She also took a dog from our family, when I had to move and couldnt keep my dog at the new place. I figured my dog would be good for her anyway, being alone in a bad neighborhood. She had my old dog for about 5 years, but she was always taking him to the vet for the simplest of afflictions. (Hmmm, come to think of it I remember going to my pediatrician a whole lot back in the day)...She spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on that dog.

about 2 years ago she took in a few stray cats from the neighborhood as well. Well you know what happens when you have several random cats hanging around each other....She has 37 cats now!

She had my old dog put down last month, and she has been very upset about that.

She talks about getting rid of the cats, but she doesnt want to send them to a shelter, because they may get euthanized if they are not adopted.

The house is falling down around hot water, no heat---we had a $5000 furnace installed 8 years ago, which we had to beg her to do and she doesnt run it. Shes convinced that the chimney is not adequate for the furnace. The thing hasnt fired in 5 years. Hot water heater had a leaky check vavle. $5.00 to fix, I could do it in five minutes. She didnt want me to do it. Her reasoning was that it must be rusted out inside anyway. She thought she smelled gas once in the kitchen, so she turned the gas valve off, and there it sets. We gave her a A fridge we had for 3 years when we bought a bigger, nicer one, and no kidding, 2 days later she called and said it stopped working so she unplugged it. SHe took another fridge from her brother, and it magically stopped working in 2 weeks.

So besides the piles of useless junk, she has over three dozen cats running around the place. I dont have a key anymore, and i have not been inside the place in about a year now. Today, I went over there with my family and stood on the porch. The whole place reeks of cat urine. I mean it hits you when you come into the yard. On the porch with the door closed, its almost unbearable. I didnt get to go in or see the inside. She was there and was reluctant to let me in. There was something in the attic I wanted to get, and she said the fleas were so bad that we shouldnt go in.

I remember the last time I was in there, I wanted to vomit. and that was a year ago. She hasnt cleaned any part of the inside of the house in five years including the bathroom.

She has a long history of depression having been abused as a child by her Father. Sub chronically depressed, bi polar are some of the terms Ive heard before. She's been seeing therapists for the last 30 years at least. She's been on quite a few medications over the years ranging from lithium to wellbutrin.

She is quite intelligent and functions normally in the outside world. If you knew her and never saw her house, you would never know anything is wrong. The last few years, she is always searching for "the answer"...last year it was a glandular thing. This year, it's Attention Deficit disorder. (which I have by the way... ).

Sometimes, she will tell us about things that happen in her life, and she always seem to want to attribute happenings to a higher source...lets see, one example. She had been buying the newspaper from a guy on the corner for a few weeks, and it was very hot one sunday when she woke. SHe had bought some water that was on sale, so she had bottled water at the house. She had the idea that she should bring the guy some water. She pictured it in her mind, giving him the water. And so she did. No big deal right? This is what I was a hot day, she had water, she was gonna go get the paper. In my opinion, her mind put it together and the idea for taking the man some water came to her.

However, this was a huge deal to her. Something or someone "put that picture into her head". She was insisting that the idea did not come from her. Some sort of divine intervention or something. I mean sometimes, I think in pictures so to speak. I will visualize things before they actually take the form of textual thoughts.

Once she got rear ended in a car, and she swears that a voice came into her head and told her to get in the other lane. She ignored the voice and then got hit.

She has dreams in which a "voice" always gives her instructions. Self help type things mind you, not blow up the planet or anything.

She was leaving to go somewhere, and forgot something. A voice told her that she forgot it. She went back to get it, and heard her freezer making a funny noise. She unplugged the freezer, convinced that the voice had possibly saved her house from burning down. In other words, she didnt go back in becauise she forgot something, she forgot something so that she would be told to go back in and hear the freezer noise.

My sister is in an abusive realtionship with an alcoholic. This guy's cel phone got broken one day. (My mother is convinced that my Sister has telekinetic powers and that when her boyfriend acts up, things happen, and she thinks the phone left the counter on its own and flew across the room and broke against the wall.)

Truth is, my sister was in the other room when the phone got broke. Personally, I think this guy threw the phone into the wall himself, because Ive know this very guy to bust glass out of his own car when he gets mad.In any case, this guy was happy to leave the blame for the phone with my Sister.

I truly believe in my heart that there is more to life than meets the eye, and that things happen that we dont understand. There is a greater force out there, but my Mother seems to attribute any coincidence to some specific direction being exerted upon her if that makes any sense.

Seems like recently she gets a book, reads it, is convinced she has the answer for whats been troubling her all her life, and it goes nowhere. Damn the pharmacuetical industry. They come up with diseases for the pills they invent, and the commercials make you think they have all the answers. She seems to be getting worse. I dont know what to do. What is my place in all of this?

I am starting to think about calling animal control about the cats. Its un sanitary and plain disgusting.

My brother is an alcoholic with a bunch of problems of his own, my Sister is stuck with a jerk boyfriend, and I dont have any other family members to discuss it with.

Personally, I think she should sell the house for what she can get, and move into a retirement community or some place. She would never hear of it though. she is very independent, but Im starting to quesiton her ability to take care of herself. I just dont want to imagine the condition she will be in a year from now if things remain as they are, having today seen how bad its gotten this last year.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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