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Hi CarolinNC,

Sorry that i haven't checked on this thread in a while, so i figured that i should reply again this time, because i may forget again.
How have you been feeling since the last time? I hope that you are feeling a little better. It is always so hard to deal with parent(s) who don't treat you the way that they should. Because they are supposed to be there to support and help you out, and not hurt you, it is hard to get your head around it. That is why you are having such a tough time now, because you are realising more now that it isn't right. I know that you realised it before, but something probably has triggered the feelings to come rushing back again. It was probably you having to take care of your mom. Which, by the way was a very noble thing for you to do, considering. I am really happy to hear that you have had a good relationship with your father, so you had at least one parent that you could trust.
How long have you been in therapy? Sometimes, therapy takes a long while before seeing any improvement.
You asked me if my husband is distant with me affection wise, he is a little, but mostly it is me that is. Ever since he has gotten worse (since being diagnosed) I have felt like i don't know this man, and therefore i have become somewhat cold that way. This probably doesn't help you much, i wish that i could say something different. I am this way because it is a coping mechanism with me, to keep away emotionally somewhat, to save my own sanity.
It is a very difficult situation that you are in, and it may take a long while until you start feeling normal again (whatever normal may be). Just keep up with your therapy and taking your medication and hopefully you will start to feel somewhat better soon.
Sorry if i haven't been much help this posting, but if you have any questions that i can try to answer, feel free to ask them.

Take care,

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