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Hi, Celexa is actually an antidepressant, helps with depression/anxiety/ocd
by the way the PPI's also got me very very dizzy when i took them without eating solid foods, i even had to stop the nexium several times, I took pepcid ac but nexium i super good for this strong acid reflux, let me tell you the more you eat the side effects of ppi's will go away trust me on this, I mean i would get so sick while on these pills i thought i would pass out, the pharmacist told me that the ppi's are stromng and when your only drinking ensure th body is not strong enough to handle it, but you have to stay on them, i would suggest getting celexa that helped me eat again because like i said i got very panicky and fearful, i would even grab on to the table really hard when i was going to swallow, it was horrible,

please try to get celexa it helped me, you can check my messages i posted on these boards and you can read what i went through, anyway any doctor can prescribe it, i would give it a tr because you need something to calm you down and take away the focus from food, something that will hel you start eating again, and once you start eating more and more the ppi's wont have any side effect, I had everything from dizziness, to diarrhea on them, anyway how long have you been unable to eat?
I started the food choking thing around 5 months ago. It just came out of the blue one night. I got food stuck or at least it felt that way. I ended up in emergency to be told I was fine and to go home. Then I was hesitantly eating food but a week later ended up convinced I was choking again. Again back to the hospital where they said perhaps I had a physical reason. Food would get stuck three quarters of the way down my throat, I could feel it for up to an hour after I had eaten. Couldnt bring it up and it wouldnt go down. I'd drink pinrs of water to no avail. Then I got so panicky about repeated visits to emergency and choking that I switched to sloppy foods only. This was when all my other acid type symptoms got worse. Then I got to where I dreaded eating full stop. What with the heartburn, choking and panics I sort of gave in. Odd bowls of soup. Odd bits of scrambled egg. Now practically nothing just these ensures. I dont know who I should be telling my gastroenterologist or my psychiatrist!!!! I feel such a fool and its led to fear of taking new medicines. I am getting scared to put anything other than liquid in my mouth. I even have to grind down my valium to a pulp and swallow loads of water with it to take it. I must say though its not just the choking stopping me eating it is the constant all day every day nausea.

thanks for your advice...much appreciated.
Hi I totally understand you, i went to the ER about 9 times in 3 month, it wa a nightmare...

anyway the less you eat the more acid will build up., its terrible since I know how this all feels, basically the acid is making you feel like there is something stuck there when there really isnt, and then of course teh fear of choking is causing you to fear eating, i actuallu forgot to mention i had a choking episode once on meat when this started and i got so scared and after that it went from bad to worst, since i kept getting misdiagnosed as i mentioned earlier... hun this is very tough but you have to take something to get the fear out so you can eat solid foods, when you start eating solid foods, the acid will get less and less, and then you can take your meds and they will work better and will not get you dizzy, I know this is very tough since ensure shakes dont really fill anyone up, please take soemthing for your anxiety soon, i was the same way with meds i would either chew them up or dissolve the,, it was terrible, by the way trying drinking protein shakes too, and you can even buy baby food, thats what i did, i bought all kinds of salty and sweet baby food, they are nutritious yet easier to swallow, the thing is that when we get that acid burning our throat and we eat the throat is irritated and it feels liek the food is stuck up there when actually it went down, if doos was stuck you would choke and you would not be able to talk or breathe, so try to think about this when you try eating, also when you try eating again have someone there with you, but you definately need to start eating hun, get something for your anxiety, celexa worked very fast and took the fear completely away within a few days between that med and 2 ppi's if you can get nexium it would be best, but between both you should be good to go, but dont suffer anymore, get rid of this fear so you can start eating and taking meds, by the way you can take pepcid ac they are chewables, goodness i feel so bad for you let em know if i can hel you in anyway, but meanwhile be hopeful this will be over soon,.
You are so kind. Many thanks for your encouragement. I had a bowl of chicken soup and an hour later I tried some scrambled eggs yesterday. Soup was fine but within half an hour I had bad heartburn. I still attempted the eggs but unfortunately got some stuck in my throat(or so it seems!). I sat for ages waiting for the valium to work so I wouldnt panic. I know I must try harder and I will see if I can get on some anti depressants.
Is it normal to have a permanant lump of gluey thick mucous in your throat with this? I bring it up about three or four times a day. It sticks in my throat and doesnt want to come up or go down! And it is real!
I am going to ask my consultant on monday if non prescripytion non drowsy antihistamine tablets will help the nausea.I feel so il I cant be doing with feeling spaced out or zonked out with ani nausea pills that say "tell your doc if taking tranquillisers"! I am hyper sensitive to bodily feelings/sensations.

The worst of all is that when I think food I feel sick, when I look at food I feel sicker and when I have eaten I suffer mentally and physically afterwards. I feel like it is a vicious circle. I know the anti depressants will giveme appetite at least.

Many thanks again
Hey I was reading this post and sounds like me..sorta..well, I went out with my friends durning the week and had a few to many drinks..Well the next morning I had to go to work (lil bit hung over) which is a bad mistake cause everytime I drink lately my aniexty is in full force the following day..In the morning before work I went to McDonalds and bought some breakfest..I ate about half my sandwhich no problem..and then feeling hung over and full of aniexty you start to panic for unknown reasons..i swallowed the last bit of my sandwich and for no reason coughed it back up because for some odd reason I thought I was going to choke on it.. the whole day I was nervous about going on my lunch break, thinking I'm not going to be able to eat my lunch out of fear of choking on it..While, I decided to take my lunch break I'm going to try it anywayz..Well I took the 1st bite tried to swallow it..went down half way and coughed it back up out of fear that i was going to choke on it..Now i'm thinking..what the hell? hungover and full of aniexty I thought it would past..but I started getting freaked out so I punched back in and continued to go to work..then started having an aniexty attack cause the whole lunch thing got me going, and then started having trouble swallowing my own spit..before you knew it i was in a full blown panic attack..i ended up clocking out and going home (not good..running away for the problem) but i couldn't help it..i had to get out of there..i didn't want my co workers to think i'm nuts..This was last week..and althought i feel not that much aniexty, everytime i try to swallow food, it gets to the back of my throat and i cough it back lately i've been eating soft foods and liquids..this really sucks cause i'm a big eater and i'm eating not as much as i should..i hope this passes cause i'm getting frustrated.. and getting worse cause ever time i leave my house i feel like my throat is closing up on me and i have a hard try even swallowing my own spit..i know its aniexty cause when i come back home I chill out and it gets better. The worse part is I haven't gone back to work since this happened and I probably wont ( because i'm certain that since i had such an episode there..i will have another one) aniexty is ******** and difinitly makes things complicated.

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