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Sometimes I think that someone will break into my house or is waiting in my house for me when I come home at night or in hiding in my closet when its time to go to sleep and that they will kill me or rape me. or that something bad will happen to my kittens like they will run out of the door and get hit by a car. or that ill trip and fall and smash one of them to death. or that ill come home to find a fallen peice of furniture squishing them or a cord choking them or that ill get a phone call telling me that someone i love is injured or dead. the worst part is when am image pops into my head of me being killed in a certain way, or a graphic image of my dead kittens. sometimes when Im really scared i can almost hear myself crying and screaming in my head.

they pop into my head pretty much everyday and make me scared or guilty for thinking them. and when i try to think of something else right away instead, i cant always do it. sometimes the thought becomes so scary i have to check the closet, or sleep with a light on, or check on my kittens.

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