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I think I have general anxiety, but Im having weird things happen lately. Sometimes I focus in on things in my perception that don't matter, things that I would ignore before I now focus on. I don't know if I do this on purpose (out of habit) or what but it makes me feel crazy.

For example: reflections of lights or shadow (ie: I saw the shadow of my sisters eyelash on her face today.) reflections of lights in the window, makes me think even more about 'am I going insane' thoughts.

Normally my brain wouldn't pick it out, why is it now? anxiety???? It makes me extremely uneasy.

You know when you are in a restaurant and you tune out everyone in the restaurant (all that background chatter) to hear what your date is saying? I heard schizophrenics can't IGNORE that type of stimulus, and its visual sometimes, like their brain is going so fast (dopamine) it works so hard to bring everything in perception to make sense that you start hallucinating etc etc etc. Well Im just worried that Im having the same thing happen, and that Im noticing things I never noticed before, like shadows and light, kind of unimportant stuff. This does give me a lot of anxiety, but I also read that schizophrenics don't know their symptoms etc.

Does anyone else have this??? I had it a lot when I smoked a lot of weed (permafried) about 5 years ago, like I would notice all the needles on the christmas tree or shadows on the carpet or rocks on the road, things that most people just ignore. The 'unimportant' aspects of perception.

I think I am just doing this out of habit, but it worries me.

When I am concentrating, my brain seems to work fine. But when I am at rest, trying to relax or watch TV or just sit still for 5 darn minutes, I start doing this.

Sometimes its very intense, like my brain feels like its being overloaded. Like there is too much to notice in my environment.

I am worried its going to get worse and eventually I will start hearing things and seeing things.

Can someone put my mind at ease? Is this a dopamine imbalance, or an overactive imagination?

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