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Firstly, sorry if i've posted this in the wrong place or maybe shouldn't have posted it all but i'm kind of new to this.

I have a problem that i've had all my life and now feel (as i have children) that it's time to address it as it at times consumes and depresses me.

The best way i can describe it is a medical phobia, a fear of doctors or anybody/anything that has the power to give me catastrophic medical news. I get symptons out of perspective, for example - head ache must mean a brain tumour - to start with i won't see a doctor as i'm scared and then i got so scared i have to see a doctor and right now !! - when i'm like this it's pointless going to work as my mind is fixed on this and nothing else. I'm having physio on a bruised heal at the moment and if i can possibly find a reason for it being something more than that i will - and then i go into this depressed state.

The odd thing is, i'm not that kind of person, i'm 34 and run a successfull business and am a keen triathelete. My obsession isn't just about me, i also feel the same if my wife or kids go to the doctors, of course not with quite the same intesity.

I guess what am after with this post is some advice as to whether this is just my make up and accept it (god help me when there is something really wrong with me) or should i see a shrink or a hypnotist or some other type min related specialist. Is this rare ?

Any comments would be graetly appreciated.

Thanks for reading

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