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No one responded to my post on the "anxiety boards", so I thought I'd try here.

My psychiatrist put me on klonopin at night and lexapro 10 mg for insomnia related to severe anxiety about not sleeping. The klonopin works like a charm although it bothers me that I'm taking a benzo for addiction and tolerance reasons (although down to only .325 mg a night) Other than the night time anxiety re sleep, I was never really anxious duiring the day and can't say I'm depressed unless I'm exhausted from too many nights of poor sleep.

I no longer have anxiety about sleep and my sleep is slowly improving although I have frequent wake-ups- however, I experience no anxiety during this time. I saw my MD yesterday and she asked me how I felt about my sleep. I relpied. "I'm only anxious about the fact that I'm taking a controlled substance to get me to sleep". After hearing this she wanted to up my lexapro....after only 3 weeks of being on 10 mg! I just don't understand her criteria for upping the dosage only becasue I'm bothered by taking a benzo. I believe I could be on 40 mg of lexapro but still upset that it requires klonopin to help me sleep. My goal is to learn to sleep med free again. We ended the session by her giving me another 4 weeks on the 10 mg before making a decision.

Anybody have any thoughts on this and was wondering what dose you're on and how you felt after an increase? I can't say I'm feeling "totally calm, relaxed and happy" on the 10 mg, but it isn't a "happy" pill, right? I would think the mood changes are very subtle.

thanks for any feedback.

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