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Obviously they were unhappy, but I saw it as, why should they be together when they are miserable. I wasn't miserable (not because of my family anyway) I have been miserable since I was born. I never liked to be around people, including my family, even when they were happy. I wanted to be in my room and be left alone. I don't see this as a problem, just the way some people are.

Even if my family were the Brady Bunch and always happy and joyus, I would still be the angry, depressed, hating society that I am right now.
My family only ever showed me love and affection. My grandparents, both sets, my aunts and uncles, every relative I had. I didn't really enjoy that, cause I just want to be left alone.

I actually get along better now, with my mother and father than I did when I was growing up. I think its the fact I don't have contact with them everyday, nor do I want to.

The reason for my anxiety is because I have racing thoughts in my head every minute I'm awake. I am thinking of 8 things I have to do when I am trying to complete one. I am anxious because of the dust in my house and my inablility to keep it clean. I am anxious cause I have to think about seeing people when I leave my house.

I know you are trying to help, but I assure you, this is not family related.
My wife only made that comment because she thinks that if her family split up that she would be devestated, so obviously I would be to.

I moved out of my mothers house in 2001. We got married and bought a house. Alot of it escalated from there. From what I read, alot of responsibility put on someone at once can cause this to happen. I also took a supervisory position right around the same time. I had that for 5 years and hated every minute of it. I had more stress and anxiety from that job than I could handle. I quit in April and am now at a job I love. Thinking that would help with everything, it hasn't.

So I have come to the conclusion, I gotta deal with it. And I am ok with that. For now.;

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