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I have a very big concern. Please do not think that this is a joke, because I am actually very worried about it. I believe that there has been a conspiracy by doctors and/or the pharmaceutical companies to ruin my mental powers. For example, I used to be.. in the opinion of others and myself... a highly motivated, interesting, and intelligent person. Now, at 20, I feel that my memory is becoming much worse, im lethargic, and I seem dull. There is no physical explanation for these symptoms. My thyroid test and blood counts... everything is physically normal. However, things such as this degeneration don't simply happen. They have to have some sort of impetus behind them. Thus, I believe that my decreased brain function has been engineered by a third party... most notably my doctors. Or, perhaps the doctors themselves aren't trying to destroy me but are simply being used as pawns by the pharmaceutical companies. The doctors convinced me to take seroquel, lithium, and effexor in order to be "normal" but in reality these drugs are slowly desroying me and my intellect. However, I'm at the mercy of the doctors because if i go off of them I could experience withdrawals comparable to those of a junkie going off of a street drug. And esp. if I go off the lithium the doc will detect it in my blood levels and get mad. Does any one have any suggestions on how to escape this. I am desparate.


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