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Hi Csense

I read your post with interest because i am exactly like you and doing the exact same thing as you. I feel relieved reading what you described because i have felt for a long time that i am the only one like the way i am, but i know now there are others out there just like me too.

I also live alot in my fantasy world, and it does involve imaginary characters and i'm also someone else (not me) and i can't seem to stop doing this or let go of it at all. I don't live in the real world much at all and just daydream all the time and live in my fantasy world. I think it is all just like some kind of escape from real life which i have found to be very unhappy, traumatic, painful and a very harsh place. Perhaps i just want to kind of wrap myself up in cotton wool because when i am absorbed in my fantasies i am safe, nothing can hurt me, nothing bad can happen and i can have anything and everything i want that i couldn't have in real-life. My real world is very empty and unhappy, but i don't seem to try and deal with it or try to improve it - all i do is live in my head in my daydreams and fantasies with my imaginary characters. I try and stop doing it but soon get drawn into it all again... So i must say Csense that we sound very, very similar. I tried talking to my doctor about it once but he didn't understand me and hadn't really heard of this problem before. I don't want to tell anymore doctors about my situation again as i am afraid of them not understanding me about it again.

I am fed up all i do is live in my dream world but can't seem to stop and everytime i do stop for awhile it always seems to return and it gets in the way of me leading my real-life which i do want to do really. I must try and fight this off - it is like drugs or alcohol, it is like some kind of addiction...

I am also similar to you in that i am 29 now and have never really had a relationship with anyone... i've been with a few men here and there (but only for a couple of weeks each time) and have spent virtually all my life alone and with no boyfriends to be with. I am so upset about this as well, my life is just wasting away. I would love to be with a man... I want romance and love. I am not a virgin but have hardly any experience with men much at all.

If you would like to chat as we are similar message me.


PS hope this reply to you helps you simply to let you know you are not the only one like this and there are others out there in the same boat as you are... but i can't really give you any advise as i have the same problem and haven't found a way to beat it myself... don't really know what the answer is, maybe we need some kind of therapy to see why we need to escape real-life this way. I've never really had any counselling or therapy before and i had a very difficult childhood...

Anyway - hope i've helped and if anyone out there has any more advise for both of us, be glad to hear it


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