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Hi, I totally understand what you are going through... about 7 years ago I was driving and eating those red gummi swedish fish things, and one got stuck in my throat. I was on the freeway and going really fast, and I totally freaked out...I couldn't breath for like 30 seconds. Well, it seemed that way anyway. After that, I couldn't eat solid foods... especially gummi things... for months. I eventually talked myself out of it and am okay now, but I remember how scary it was. It wasn't just that, though...I have also battled anorexia since I was 12 (I am 33 now), I have had severe anxiety and panic disorder, and an intense fear of dying.. so much that sometimes I woudln't go to sleep because I was afraid that I would die during the night and my kids would find me and not know what to do. (They were younger back then) I don't know how, but eventually I was able to overcome a lot of my fears. I think they all tie in together-- if you have had trouble with anorexia, then maybe your subconscious mind is using the choking as an excuse for you to not eat well. Even if you have overcome your anorexia, maybe you have some unresolved issues that are manifesting as the fear of choking so that you won't have to deal with the real problem. I don't know... I just wanted you to know that I totally understand what you're going through, and there are a lot of other factors that play into it as well.
Soulerflare, Thank you, I feel like I can really relate to you.
This swallowing is getting ridiculous. I live in fear everyday that I'll never be able to eat normally again. Are you now able to eat normal foods like meat, bread etc?
I am in this mindset that I'll never be to that point again. I get thoughts in my head that I am going to die and never find an answer to this question.
I was just eating mashed potatoes last night, you know, soft, mushy, shouldn't be a problem to swallow, well i was wrong.
The 3rd bite I felt it stick in my throat and it took a glass of milk and two glasses of water to get it down.
Right in the top of my chest it hurt like crazy when you get food stuck in your chest and its painful to get it to go down. You know that feeling?
Well it was very scary and I didn't think for a minute after the second glass of liquid that it was going to go down but it finally did.
I am scared! I dont' want to die from this, I refuse to! I want to live a full normal life, I've just recent went back to college at the age of 33 and want to see my children grow up and I fear I won't be able to if I dont' get this under control.
I take chewable vitamins, drink those Boost, Ensure etc supplements to make sure I'm getting all of my vitamins but I want to eat a hamburger or a pizza with my family again!
The last gastroenterologist I went to told me it was all in my head and I didn't want to eat. To say the least that was the last time I ever saw him.
I need another endoscopy but I'm scared there is severe irreversible damage to my esophagus and stomach that I don't know about. But I started bawling like a baby in his office and begged him to find out what was wrong. I told him I want to eat, I want a burger, I want pizza and french fries and those things again.
What kind of physical and mental therapy did you have to go through. I am willing to do just about anything to eat normally again.
OMG I NEVER NEW SOMEONE FELT THE SAME WAY WEN I WAS LITTLE ABOUT 11 I choked on somthing now ever since i dont like to eat once i passed out i eat mashpatatoes noodles extre extra sliced turkey(the kind on sandwiches) i dont no wat else to do i mean i never knew thre were more ppl like me and sometimes i feel so scared im only 13 yrs old cmon now i have a whole life inhead of me and i ask god why me but mybe its to get u to see life better look i really need someone to talk to about this maybe we can help each other out you can eats soft stuffing pancakes donuts in microwave ensures umm v8 look its mental its not real i no and sometimes i cry myslef to sleep about it but dont worry about food i dont even eat at school cuz if i do i have p-a-n-i-c a-t-t-a-c-k s like im choking wen really its just that memory in my head u have to get it out or ur killing urself here if u wana stay healthy baby food is something to try meat(SLiced sandwich meat)vegetable(mushed peas)i also eats tulupia fish no bones cooked real soft protean (bana smoothie for fruit there u go) `i cant even eat mcdonalds wen my mom and family go out i can barley eat) i cant explain the feeling wishing i can go back and change the whole thing i been to syqatriz or however you speell it nothing helps:angel:god will bless us one day guys just eat wats healthy and take vitamins liquid kind
[color=violet]Everyone with this disorder hear me out im a girl im 13 years old living in orlando started off i choked on a hot dog and now i have a fear of first i would denie anyone who said it was in my head because it reallly feels real and i still do dinie them until this day im questioning because knowing that all of us has this problem it could be mental or maybe its so mental that its real.Forexample you got use to eating mushy foods so now when you try to eat hard foods you dont want to chew because your used to it going right down.I got this when i was 11 yrs old me dealing with that 11 was horrible i am so young with a life ahead of me and im not the type of normal girl you might be thinking about im black pretty choclate skin popular girl at school all the thug boys like but dont judge a book by its cover this will go away for some people but with some your stuck with it but never give up pray and talk to people.Here is my way i think of it i think ima die sometimes been sayin i have to fight this i have a boyfriend who wants to have kids and 4 brothers and a sister i cant let them down.right this secound feels like somthing in my throat.this prevents me form being social i miss alot of daysfrom school because this incident making my parents look bad and im already irracially not the principles color so she already might think im skkipping or somthing but you know we got to fight this anyone who needs help contact me ok i will help or try just think like this if somthing is in your throat and you ar breathing and if you can talk your going to be alright its just in your throat and irratating me i no how it feels i promise you dont want noone telling you it isnt real i no drink plenty of water ok and if it doesnt go down keep driking to it does and if your felel like that whole side of your area is clogged like ur left nostral and your left throat it really is in there drink water itll go down the only time your gonnq choke if is somthing is in your right throat or if you swallow a bone but if thats not your case your not choking its just somthing in your throat irratating you god is gonna bless us i promise maybe he wants us to see the better things in life maybe we did somthing to diserve this or maybe he is doing this to stop ur dad from doing drugs and focus on you are get your mom from doing drugs and focus on you i relize life isnt a joke now god is giving us a sign so dont think of this as a bad thing think of this a good thing even though it will be hard to do he dont even give some people chances they just die so your lucky dont give up k if you have questions contact me url *******/divastar23***00 dont feel bad some people have it worse then you even though it doesnt feel like it some people have to struggle to breath or haveaids but you no what we are going to fight and i promise to you im going to find a cure mabe we have baby throats still and need an enlarger idk but im gonna find out luv u all[/color]
I suddenly started choking on foods, even liquids (ever have Sprite come out your hurts) when I was sixteen.

That was many years ago.

My Doctor told me that it was due to anxiety. The anxiety was making my throat "narrower" than it should be.

I still choke on things from time to time. I don't worry about it, because it's happened so many times, that it's normal, for me.

When you're anxious to swallow something, and then try to swallow it, and it doesn't go down then panic, thus REALLY stopping it from going down. You're playing the "double whammy" game.

Anxiety with panic....not a good combination.

I suggest....taking very small "bites" (like you would feed a very small child) chew it up, until theres nothing left of it....take a drink....then swallow.

Start with a favourite food that you have been denying yourself. Start very slow, and work your way up, as your comfort level grows.

Don't worry about how long you take....I am still the slowest eater that I know. If anyone says anything...I ask them when was the last time that they had to administer the Heimlich manoeuvre. If they go on, I will offer to teach them how to perform it. It usually stops there.

Good luck's been working for me for years.....


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