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Sure I understand your thoughts here and I agree. Perhaps my intent in some ways wasn't what some might think. I myself have suffered some severe issues and do now. When I was younger I experienced things that I thought were more than I could take. Little did I know I had no idea just how lucky I was in retrospect to what I experience now in my suffering. I would give anything if I knew what I know now and still had the opportunity to turn back time and only suffer the things I did then. I would pretty much hardly be bothered by those things as I was then. So the idea is to not really focusing on negative things at all, but reminding ourselves that in many ways things are not as bad as they might seem, and if we take a minute to think about how bad things could be we realize our present situation is not as bad as we really think it is. Taking a minute to try to see all the ways we are fortunate gives us hope, then perhaps we can feel greatful for what we do have. For example, let's say you have bypolar, yet you have a decent home, food in your mouth, loved ones that care for you, doctors who are trying to help you, even joyful memories of the past. Those thigns in and of themselves are not much comfort when one is suffering. But try to imagine having bypolar and living in india where there is no help. little food or water, and dealing with the disorder and trying to find a way to stay alive- hoping for the things many of us take for granted, like those things which sustain life- like food and water. Maybe it isn't good to dwell on such things, but at the same time it reminds us of how much we do have to be greatful for because things could be far worse. I know in moments of thought like those I feel like I can take a deep breath and say to myself "You know, your lucky Natja. You think you've got it bad? uh, uh- In many ways your so very fortunate". Those thoughts give me courage to keep going. Those thoughts give me hope. Those thoughts that one might consider negative can truly provide the gateway to a more positive attitude. And sometimes saying to your self "I live in a place where I can get help. I am fed and I have a roof over my head. I have opportunities that many do not have. I'm alive, and I don't have so many of the worries that many other people less fortunate do have. I have much more of a real chance to overcome my problems than many people do." It can be a valuable tool to help us push forward. It's not about dwelling on the suffering of others or the world, but rather it's about waking your self up and seeing things as they really are and using the positives in that realization to give us strength and hope. And then it only helps us become stronger, and that is always positive. Knowing that our problem can seem devastating, we always remember that there is so much more misfortune out there we don't have to suffer through. Constant positive thinking is of course the ultimate goal, but it needs to be balanced with reality, so that when things don't work out the way we had hoped, we have a much more realistic outlook and are less likely to be dissapointed. It gives us the courage to soldier on through to victory.

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