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I am 16 years old, and have been through my share of problems. I was admitted to a mental hospital in August of 2006. July 27, I had gallbladder surgery and was given medicine to relax my stomach muscles. Over a rather short period of time, due to the medicine, my kidneys began to shut down and in the middle of August I was sent to the hospital. I am 5'3" and at that time I weighed about 90 pounds. I was very sedated so I dont remember much directly after, I remained at the hospital for about 3 days and talked to a few counselors who decided it best if I was admitted to a mental hospital. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. During my stay I was put on Depakote ER-500mg and Seroquel-25mg. By the time I was released from the hospital I was up to Depakote ER-750mg and Seroquel-500mg. Upon release my formal diagnosis was "Unspecified depression with paranoid psychotic tendencies and a generalized social, anxiety, and panic disorder". After my release I began seeing a counselor and a Chemial Therapist. I was then put on 25mg of Zoloft along with the other meds which was eventually raised to 150 mg in about a one month period. Then I was prescibed Trileptal-100mg I remained on my medication for about 4 months after my release. At my last Chemical Therapy visit I told my therapist that I had stopped taking all my medication abruptly and all she replied was,"Have you had any seizures or any other side-effects?" I said no and she said "Well, I guess you didn't need the medication after all come back and see me in three months." She didn't mention the potential dangers, or forewarn me of problems I might face in the future. Since then it's been about two months and the company manufacturing the Seroquel have admitted problems with it. Regarding Hypoglycemia, Diabetes, and Dyskensia. I remained faithfull to all my medication for six months and now I am seeing side-effects I can't be sure are only withdrawl. Directly after I stopped the only problem I noticed was severe full body muscle twitches as I was about to fall asleep. In the past month, however I have been feeling strange. As if I were about to fall asleep standing up, extreme disorentation, unexplained sweating, dizziness and at time it feels like my brain is really small and its sloshing around inside my skull. This lasts sometimes for hours and then it suddenly goes away. When I sit down everything but the disorentation gets a small amount better. If anyone can relate, has any tips or might know what exactly is wrong with me, I'd like to know.

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