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I just joined this forum a few minutes ago, so also am new. Hello everyone!
I noticed while researching this forum that there are a great deal of you that suffer all sorts of strange things. My issues I also feel are very unique and can be devastating on occasion. I wonder first if anyone else has heard of such symptoms as those I am about to describe and is there anything that might help like St. Johns Wort? Here is a synopsis of my illness:

For many years now off and on I have suffered very strange symptoms that seem to come out of nowhere and can be moderate to extemely severe. I feel perfectly normal for weeks or even months at a time. I have no noticable restrictions during these times and feel like anyone else would who is considered fairly normal. But then and for no apparent reason I will get these symptoms out of nowhere.

At first they feel like I am coming down with a flu, or perhaps like I am feeling flushed or a little dizzy. As it progresses over the next few days these symptoms become more pronounced and more severe. As this continues I will also experience a feeling much like having the worst hangover you can ever imagine, extreme fatigue, dizziness that can get so bad that it seems to drift into a feeling like I am losing touch with reality. Basically at it's worse it is like the feeling you might have if you had a severe flu and how you might feel in your head. Very disoriented, terrible headache, dizzy, extreme fatigue as though one might have a high temperature. Yet physically I have all my strenth and energy. During the course of this I practice Yoga, Go to the Health Spa and do Aroebics, breathing excercises, night walks, sitting in Steam, Sauna & Jacuzzi's, Vitamins, anything I can do that might help. Most of this only helps on the level that I feel more relaxed as I go through the symptoms. Sometimes these activities make me feel worse, and when the symptoms begin to clear up they sometimes can literally be the catalyst that breaks me out of it and then I begin to recover.

These symptoms can last as little as 3 days or go on as long two weeks and rarely more than a month or longer on rare occasion with the symptoms being constant and without ceasing. It can get so bad that at times that It can be impossible to sleep and can make you feel literally as though you are going to die due to being extremely severe.

Medical experts kept insisting it might be diabetes. yet I have been tested for that about 20 times with nothing but negative results. Another time threy thought it might be Severe clinical depression, but that also has never been determined due to the long periods where I feel perfectly normal. sometimes the symptoms can be triggered by a mild cold. Other times by extreme stress. Yet other times extreme stress does not trigger the symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms will be relatively mild and go away within 1 to 3 days, and other times can get extreme to where you feel so wacked out it seems like it will never go away, then 3 days later it just goes away and you feel completely normal.

Over the years I have been tested for everything under the sun from lime disease to STD's. Never have they found anything. The medical experts say it's mental, and the psychiatric experts say it physical and effecting my mental state, and perhaps some rare disease that hasn't been found yet. They think this because of the way it unsets (like your coming down with something).

Then when the symptoms begin to clear up, it is as though you are recovering from a lengthy illness. Then I feel so normal that it seems impossible to imagine that it ever could have happened or that it ever could return. Perhaps it is some sort of chemical embalance that occures in my brain? So has anyone ever heard of anything like this? Could this be severe depression (clinical depression)? What disease if any could be this ellusive?

I have been taking Rainbow light-Complete nutritional system, B-100, B-12, chromium, and a couple of other vitamins, plus juice veggies, and take a protien shake every day and have been for many years. I also take 1 to 2 0.25 xanax a day. None of it even phases these symptoms when they begin or helps them much.

I am now in the middle of another period of the symptoms again. I was fine for months and this episode has been going on for about 5 weeks straight with no relief. When I feel better for a long period of time I will have a period of about a week when I feel extremely great, and this is often when the symptoms will actually begin (when I am feeling my best).

This problem has runied my life. I haven't been able to hold down a job for very long and finally had to go on SSI. I had a full a busy life before this happened. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance for any thoughts or ideas

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