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I agree with everything that you are stating. I know that therapy and working on yourself should be enough but for some people they need additional medication to make it through the rough stages.

I have adult ADHD and I think that my medication has saved my life. I no longer drink or have the impulsive spending habits that completely spun my life in circles. I never thought of consequenses and my meds are the only thing that helped me stay focused and hold a job, finish tasks, settle down etc...

Yes my boyfriend is angry and has extreme anxiety. His upbringing has much to do with it I'm sure since all of his family are still in active addiction. This isn't a problem that a few counseling sessions is going to solve. Until he can start to learn how to think differently he may have to be put on meds. (YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW ANXIOUS THIS GUY IS). To say that he repeats his day is an understatment. He will talk about the next day and play the conversations to me before they happen at least 20 times. Then he will return to going over his day plans with me another 20 times. If I talk he can't pay attention. He just interjects with " So tomorrow I am going to 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc...." And if one thing doesn't work out as planned it messes his mind up. He snaps.

Like yesterday the car wouldn't start. It was the end of his existance. I knew he just flooded the engine and that it would start later in the afternoon because I gave him the car and have done the same thing before. But he acted as if it was the end of the world and that he wasn't going to make it to his treatment programs, work force or probation all week long. (We have two cars now so we could have worked it out). I bought a new one last week because he had mine all the time and was so stressed out about the car situation. I mean he dropped me off at work and picked me up and he had the car the rest of the time. ??? Beats me. But he's this big stress ball and he gets overexcited and angry all the time.

He's overly sensitive and takes things the wrong way. He has periods of panic and unexplained fear, angry outburst, he's impulsive and can't pay attention.

Does anyone know how I can calm him down. It's getting harder to do and it's bringing my anxiety level up. Sometimes I can't handle the angry outbursts. They aren't directed at me, but he's venting to me and he's so upset that I feel like I have to step in and take over and fix the problem for him. He doesn't have any clear logical thinking pattern to come up with a solution on his own. It is exhausting. He can not make up his mind and clears every decision with me like what he should wear, what he should say at his next probation appointment, if he should get a hair cut or use the money to take his mechanics test over.

Also he is a genius mechanic but he had to get recertified. His mom went with him and he couldn't concentrate so he failed the test and has to retake it.

In my honest opinion I think he should look into ADHD. Not because I am a dr. or a therapist. I think he should ask someone if his symptoms could be because of ADHD. I know I tried Zanex, Buspar, ativan and all to get over my social anxiety but they didn't work. I wanted to drink still to kill the anxiery and that just led me to black outs. Since I've been on the ADHD meds for two years (Con certa) I have been able to quit drinking all together. I never have a craving or anything.

Does anyone have an opinion or experience with severe anxiety that found a way to resolve or reduce it? I am trying my best to help him on his journey to recovery. I don't want to be an enabler or anything, I just want to find something that helps him, that will keep him strong for years to come.



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