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Problem tenant
Apr 21, 2007

i am currently renting accomodation (non-dss) and one of the house mates is increasingly becoming mentally unstable. this is a shared opinion of not only the other tenants but also all visitors to the house and also the landlord. her eratic behaviour, which includes talking to herself in multiple personalities, slamming doors for attention seeking, and writing non-sensical notes in random words and leaving them around the house, has become more disturbing lately and has lead to the verbal abuse of the tenants and the increasing paranoia which includes her believing that a conspiracy exists to break into her room, steal things, accuse her of percieved problems, and so on.
she does not talk to her family and so we are unable to get help from them, we really believe that she needs medical help but are stuck as to what to do. various mental health charities including MIND have, so far, been unhelpful and seem if anythinbg, to take the side of the person concerned. can anyone suggest what to do, who to speak to and if any of you have experienced similar things and what you did to resolve the issues?
thanks for any help you can give.

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