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Lexapro is an anti-depressant med. Xanax is an anti-anxiety med. Which do you need???

I've been taking Xanax .25/day (1/2 am and 1/2 pm) since my diagnosis 12/12/06. I'm pretty prone to anxiety; and it keeps me from wringing my hands and pacing the floor. Good stuff.

The nurse practitioner at my oncologist prescribed Lexapro a few months back. When I saw her on that day I was sick (chest & head congestion). I was also feeling pretty bad from chemo treatments (hurt a lot). The combination had me more than a bit down in the dumps. She read that as depression and wrote a script for Lexapro. I told her that I had never fared well with anti-depressants but she assured me this was [U]the [/U] new and improved anti-depressant. At the time, I was being pretty authoritarian submissive, so I filled the script and took it per script for about 5 days. I made me feel just like all the other anti-depressants I've tried in the last umpty-ump years---lousy.

I'm sure there are lots of people who fare well with Lexapro and other anti-depressants, I'm just not one of them. But the bottom line here for me is: I have cancer, not depression. The two don't necessarily go hand-in-hand.

I intend to keep taking Xanax as long as my doctor will continue to prescribe it.

yeah im overly paranoid though
i mean if im at work and i go the bathroom and leave my drink out...BEHIND the counter...i still wont feel comfy drinking it...i just am so paranoid someone put something in my drink
but then again i have had that happen to me before so maybe that is why...all our fears are founded i guess
so what would you suggest
ride it out with the xanax for awhile or start the i said im gonna start at a small dose
what dosage did you start at
the xanax just makes me feel LEVELED out if the lex can do that then that would be great...but i dont know...i dont wanna have to get worse before i get better...its a tough call
lots of ppl i think get more anxiety after taking anti depressants cause they are nervous bout it
i know first time i took a xanax i freaked out...even the second and third
im just not getting used to it and know it wont hurt me at my small dose
i took it like two hours ago and feel so good right now...
ppl dont understand...they think its a high but its not...its just like how you USED to feel before all this started

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