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I know there are several posts already with Lexapro in them, but this one I was wanting to make specifically about side effects, your experiences with it and all you can tell us about it. Also what mgs you are taking and how long?

I have some that I was prescribed sitting on my table, waiting on me to make a decision and take the pill. Course, they are 10 mgs. and I cut them in half to take 5mgs at a time...though they aren't cutting exactly in half, so it may be off a bit.

I am so nervous about starting this again with the SSRI's. From what I have seen on here, for the most part, Lexapro has gotten some pretty good reviews, well tolerated, with few side effects.

Some side effects I have read about are hair loss, weight gain, some initial anxiety and some loss of libido. On the other hand, some haven't had any! I am wondering if they are on lower dosages.

I have panic attacks, fyi, OCD, and GAD, that shock thing...oh, what is it called? Ugh...anyway, taking Xanax for the panic attacks and Inderal for keeping my heart from racing too high, though during an attack, well, you know how that is. I have been trying to cut back on the Inderal. It's hard since my heart thumps harder now and I can feel it. You know how that is!

Anyway....Lexapro experiences anyone? I appreciate it lots, as for 3 days now I have put off taking the first pill. I am really scared about it--side effects and being trapped on it, etc......I don't want to have to take it forever or take it for awhile and then try to get off it and can't because the anxiety comes back even know, withdrawal crap.

well first of all were you ever on an ssri before???i was not and i was very scared...i put it off for 2 years or so...but then i finally just did it...i did the same with the xanax
its still too early to really tell you cause its only been like 11 days or so
but i bought a pill must do this in order to cut the pill the right way if your gonna cut it in fours...that is how i started ...taking 1/4 of a pill for like 9 days then went to half...i have not taken a whole one yet
my hair does come out in clumps when i wash it...but it always did that so im not sure what that is from...
i did have headaches but not too bad...nothing out the ordinary and when i did have an attack it was a lot worse and im still going through that
but id rather take that over what i had before...i believe this med can help me from what i have heard...the weight gain scares me as well
well your quote is very must not be that bad cause someone with no hope for their anxiety wouldnt be able to believe in quotes like that:)
anyway i am glad that i could inspire you to take the pill...that is what i did...i read someone else's post bout it and just took it...good job...
yeah i can tell a dif. between the 1/4 and the half...def...i can esp. tell a dif. right after i take the pill...i feel more i might switch to taking it in the morning...i take it in the evening now...
you might wanna take yours at night for now since your having some issues with extra pretty sure its just your mind cause your on a very low dose and my extra anxiety didnt happen right took a few days plus i know how taking a pill can throw you into an attack...that is what i did the first few times i took xanax
but since you have xanax you should be fine
i found i had to take more xanax to calm so that might happen to you as well...what dosage are you on now???
i understand your feeling bout being stuck and trapped...i get that to
but yeah i do see a little bit of a dif...i mean not much cause it hasnt been that long but like i said enough of a dif. that i believe this med will help me...although now im a bit paranoid bout what you said bout heart damage?????
[QUOTE=zeyavia;3105638]oh yeah def. prob. your period
when i get mine i am a MESS
well let me know what your doc says....mine said ad's dont give you more anxiety but it is a known fact they do so...let me know what yours says
how much xanax are you might wanna use that with the pretty sure right after you take the lex you wouldnt have more anxiety...mine comes the next day
are you taking it in the morning or the night???
well keep taking it
and yes i do have dry mouth and that is a side effect of the lex...also hot flashes[/QUOTE]

Yea, lucky me gets to start this out as I am PMSing, and I already get panicky during that time anyway. Hope it's that.

Today, I took my 1/4 pill again and my Xanax and layed in bed, relaxing and played a little hand game to keep my mind occupied. I was "on edge" but didn't have a panic attack as I had the last two days. It seems to make a difference if I am already on the edge of it. Now the rest of the evening I was on edge too, so I upped my Xanax intake throughout the evening every few hours or so. I am supposed to anyway but I always try to take the least amount at a time. Today I got out my 1mg Xanax. The bigger boys. Hope the anxiety part goes away asap. Yours subsided yet?

I haven't gotten any hot flashes from the Lexapro, but I get them when I get a panic attack. Especially on the back of my neck. It gets real hot! Seems like my body temp soars when that happens and if it is hot outside, then I really panic because of the Inderal I take, makes people unable to handle heat. Sucks, because I used to love the summer. Also sucks because I can't handle the cold either. =\

I am taking it when we get up and around (and I eat a peanut butter sandwich) about 4:30pm. See, my husband works at night, and we sleep in the day. Dr. said whenever I get up. So...

Also, you asked about my Xanax dosage. Since March when the PA's came back, I have taken different dosages. It was a 1/2 of the .5 mgs. and then a bit later, a half of one of those. They are the peach ones. I would take those quite often. After some therapy and many affirmations, journaling, etc., and getting back to feeling somewhat safe again, I was able to take a half of the peach Xanax when I got up and the other half at bedtime which was around 4 or 5am. Some days more though. Then it got bad again and so I had to take some more. Now I am on the Lexapro and having to take more again like in March. GRR! Seems I am going backwards sometimes! But I am thinking, that I will do that during this adjustment time but if it doesn't get better soon, then I will have to stop the Lexapro. It's supposed to make me less panicky not more. Where are those easy going feelings everyone keeps raving about on this med? :(

PS--Dr. didn't call back, but the nurse did and I called her back and she never called me back. So we had tag going on, but she never called back, so GRR! Most the time they are not so good about getting back with me. I mean, so far. I just started going there. Maybe they are tired of me already since I've called twice. No, 3 times. I wouldn't have to though if they would just call me back, or answer the phone when I call.
[QUOTE=sons2;3109041]Hey guys,

I lovvveedd Lexapro! What I did not like was the 38 lb weight gain in 4 months! I am also on Inderal for migraine prevention, so I know all about the heart beating thing. I got addicted to a couple anti-anxiety meds, so I have to stay away from those, Lexapro helped soooo much with my anxiety, but in a very mild mellow way, I just felt complete joy being on this med.

But had to change over to Wellbutrin, still getting used to it...........

Blessings to all:angel:

Thanks for the boost of confidence! I was wondering when you started feeling the good feeling effects? I have been on the Lexapro in 1/4 of 10mgs. since Monday. In other words, I break the 10mgs. in half and then in half again. I am sensitive to meds so I needed to take it slow. Did you have to take Xanax or something with it at first because of increased anxiety? I can't wait for those mellow feelings to kick in. It would be super cool if you could tell me like, how long you took it, how much and how it was in the beginning? I won't be going over 5 mgs. But I am having more anxiety, so just wondered. Not all the time, but on the edge often and after I take the med. It could be just me afraid of trying another anti-depressant. I really want it to work though! =)

I am taking a Xanax about 10 minutes before I take the Lexapro to try to stop anxiety from hittng me. Helps. I sometimes need more. I want to love this med too! haha...

Please keep us posted! How are you Zey?
Hey there, just checking in. Tomorrow will be a week that I have been on the Lexapro. Zey, you are about a week ahead of me. How's it going on the 5mgs.? Can you tell much of a difference from the 1/4 piece to the 1/2? How is your anxiety, feelings so far?

I read in an anxiety workbook that we should definitely start at the lowest dosage and even at the 1/4 of the pill, since so many of us are sensitive to SSRIs. So that was great advice on the smaller pill size. I know some scoff or snicker at being cautious, but these are our lives.

Anyway, my anxiety seems to be about the same. Some days not as much and some days it seems I am having to take yet another Xanax...just depends on how much serenity and Zen I can muster and have around me. I have another counselor appointment tomorrow and I sure hope it goes smoothly unlike last week when I had just taken my first Lexapro and was so worried, etc., and "lost it". I am sure it will all be better this time! =) I am much more comfortable on the Lexapro now. I know it's not going to hurt me. I can't wait for those good vibrations it's known for! :P

Keep me posted my fellow life traveler! ;)

PS--So far no weight gain, no sweaty palms, no more than usual bruising. Not sure about the sexual side effect thing yet, but I do feel about less than enthusiastic...hope that's residual period stuff. I have had slight headachey feelings here and there. Not bad. Mild.
[QUOTE=sons2;3110966]I was 20 mg of Lexapro. It took a good 4 weeks to get really used to it. I was taking some anti-anxiety meds, but as I said, I got really addicted to them, so be very careful:angel:

I hope you get to feeling better soon, I think I'm going to try and wean off the Wellbutrin and see how my old bod will do;)

I will keep in touch!

Take care,

Wow, 20mgs.. How long were you on the Lexapro? Did you get off of it because of the weight gain? What mgs. did the weight start at?

Why are you weaning off of Wellbutrin?

Are you still on Inderal? It seems impossible for me to wean off of that. The rapid heart beat is too much. Sucks because I don't like the low blood pressure it also causes. Vicious cycle. I have been using Xanax to help control panic attacks for 11 years now. It has saved my life more than I can count. Or my mind, I could say. I have been on it more at times and none at others and then lots at other times. Depends. But yea, it's easy to rely on it. I do have an arsonal of things I have learned too, affirmations, etc...Sometimes Xanax is just something we have to grab.

Thanks for your input. Please keep us posted and if you can think of any other Lexapro positives! =)
[QUOTE=zeyavia;3117487]im still at half a pill...not sure when i will up it
feeling good...have not had a xanax for two days and no anxiety so that is good...def. feel a dif. even though the past two days i have had a headache and tired...but im getting my period soon so...
how bout you?[/QUOTE]

I was wondering how you were doing. =) I am beginning to go a bit higher on it, working to the half. I get headaches more often but not everyday. I can't really tell how I feel. Not nervous all the time, but I do still get panicky.

That is great that you haven't taken xanax for 2 days. I am still taking it several times a day. But not quite as much. I am hoping to cut down on it again like I had been before the PA's came back in March.

I guess you could say that I am feeling a bit more even most of the time, but I still get panicky when I am alone too long, or have to go to the store, or somewhere. So I take a piece of xanax for that, though my husband has gone to Wal-Mart for me the last weekend. I can't go in there now in the middle of the day (or early evening), as it's just so busy!! People and screaming kids everywhere. Too much! Late at night is better. I still brace myself though. ha....

I have a counceler's appt. tomorrow, and I hope I can keep it together for it. She had to cancel the other day because of an emergency-just as I had prepared to leave and had taken my xanax for the trip there. Arg!

I am at my 9 day mark, so that is why I took a bit bigger piece. Going for the hlaf. My pills never break exactly at the half though.

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