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since a co-dependent meets everyone's needs to the exclusion of their own, what would the opposite of a co-dependent be?

someone who meets no ones needs but their own......

would this be a narrrrcissist or would you call it something else?
I would call it a Narcissist.
I think Narcissist would eb a good category to put such a person in.;)
I think that the opposite of a codependent is independent. The reason being is that when a person is codependent they have a greater tendency to focus on everyone's needs, wants, and desires. They have difficulty making decisions. Tey have a tendency to avoid confrontation. The have heightened needs to want to be liked and accepted. When a person is more independent, they care about other people and other people's issues; however, they also know the importance of self-care. They are in touch with their wants and their needs. They can agree to disagree with other people's perspectives, but they also feel comfortable making independent decisions. In my opinion, people who are codependent have difficulty being assertive. Tactful self-expression and being assertive, not aggressive are healthy parts of being a human being. Just my opinion.
One can be both a narcissist and codependent. Anti-social or schizoid would be the opposite or codependent I think. Central to either personality disorder is a general disconnect with the needs of others, sometimes so distinct as to create doubt about others' actual existence.
thank you everyone.....there are a lot of good points here!
Opposite of a codependent, which is an unhealthy relationship, would be two people who are satisfied with who they are and share their time together, neither one controlling the other. Independent means you can take care of yourself. Codependent means you need someone else to take care of you, or you want to control the other person by making yourself indispensable. Relationships are about compromise, respecting each others individuality and accepting the other person's short-comings. It takes time and maturity to reach that level, but is well worth it. Forget about perfections; it is an unreachable goal that makes people unhappy.
[QUOTE=Kathrin74;3193614]I think Narcissist would eb a good category to put such a person in.;)[/QUOTE]

When did I write this? I don't remember writing this.
Anyway, saying the opposite is a narcissist I think would be extreme.
Both codependent and narcissist are unhealthy extremes I'd say.

Ok you could see it this way: the codependent worries too much about and gets too involved with the problems of the other.
The narcissist worries about him/herself and not about the other.
But is that really the opposite?

Maybe one possible opposite.

The other would be somebody who has healthy boundaries. So the distinction is the focused on healthy-unhealthy, not on unhealthy in different extremes. ;-)

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