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I am really glad that you took the right steps as I know hard how that is to do.

I have done two seperate hospital stays in the last two years, the first one was fro two months and the second time was for a little over one month. I am beyond difficult to treat due to disorders (severe MDD with psycotic features, BPD, PTSD, GAD and to top it off I am drug resistent)

The first stay I just told them what they knew to know and I got nothing out of it except for a lot of new meds.

The last time (Nov 07) I decided the only way I could get the proper help is by telling them everything (to a certain point as BPD prevents me from revealing to much) and even though I complain constantly about the way they operated at least this time my doctor and I were on the same page so everything main diagnosis could be addressed which has proven to be a lot more benificial. Hospitals don't keep you forever especially now due to budget restraints and bed shortages but they will keep you til your healthy. With access to all sorts of meds and treatments the more aggressive you are about your own health concerns chances are the faster you will get better.

I deal with the urges and the voices so with a little bit of work we found the right med for me (Seroquel) which has almost eliminated both behaviors making it a lot easier for me to focus at the problem at hand and eventually will allow me into therapy in the right state of mind where I can take care of the rest.

Doctors and nurses are not mind readsers and there is only so much that they can learn from just observation and you dropping the odd hit. If you want to get back to healthy as fast as possible you need to tell them everything along the lines of urges, flashbacks, nightmares, paranoia and anything else that stands out. Or else you end up like me the first time around two months after my discharge (which I manipulated the system like crazy to pull off) in a postion back where you started.

You did the perfect thing for you by admitting yourself but now that you are in that enviroment don't fight against it but get them to work for you.

** Somehow I missed xant's post but she is right on the money

take care

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