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[QUOTE=Pri Lily;3349501]Hi...

You obviously have a problem with being at home. Your parents must know the situation to a point, if you have been on anti-depressants, and you are on a waiting list for therapy.

What exactly is the problem with being at home?


Yes, to a point. But their behavior towards the problem is starting to make me think that they don't care. I shouldn't say both my parents, because I have cut off all relations with my mother and it's just my dad.

The problem is my dad's relationship. Ever since he decided to shack up with my best froend's mother, thus reuining me and my best (and only at that time) friends relationship it went downhill.

His new wife has always had a grudge against me. But he refuses to see it. He's the kind of person that will refuse to aknowlage somethiong he he doesn't want to know. If that makes sense.

In June they moved me and my step sister into a small house across the road, because the current house was too small. I wasn't ready to be moved out, which created another stress amoung others.

I went away for two weeks (near the end of November) and when I come back, I find that my step sister has moved back into the house across the road, leaving me by my self.

Not only do I feel pushed out, but incredibly upset and completely and utterly rejected.

Then they started shouting at me for not keeping the house clean. But with my studies and worsening insomnia, I don't have time or energy to upkeep a whole house! It's not as if I wanted to be moved here in the first place, and I feel as if they're punishing me for it.

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