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Hey Nexis-

That's kinda funny I was always called a "night owl." It's like I can be drowsy/sleepy during the day and BOOM at night I am Bright-eyed-and bushy tailed;). Like you, I have a hard time falling asleep....but also....staying asleep...get up at night frequently (and last night I actually fell out of my mom said I should get you those toddler rails....hehehe:D).

I have never had any sinus issues so I don't think that is an issue for me. Glad getting that taken care of helped you. But you still have vivid dreams/nightmares. Isn't it weird how some people say they never dream or they never remember what their dreams were about? I always do. Gosh my dreaming sure makes me tired:).

I drink virtually no caffeine it makes me feel really jittery. I have maybe 2-3 (the most) normal sized cups in the a.m. and that's it. Everything else I drink is caffeine free. I totally understand that agitated state. I know the minute I drink too much but then it's too late:D. I occasionally take ativan and Valium at night for spasms but it doesn't make me tired. I totally tend to have opposite reactions to meds.

Good luck on monday!!!


Let me know how the Lyme's test turns out. Before I had my Fibro DX they tested me for Lyme's because I had all the typical symptoms.....and like you said in's more common. Well I am Lyme negative. And like you I used to be able to work out but the last year it has been virtually impossible. It totally sucks! And if you do kick boxing you definitely need strength!

I used to be on Klonopin (years ago) but it actually made me feel angry/agitated. I no longer take ambien because of my sleep walking and I had SLEPT DROVE TOO!

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