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hey there, i definently think it's ocd, i use to have that too. remember they're not really your thoughts, it's ocd, they are intrusive thoughts caused by ocd, and there is lots of help out there! i replied earlier to an ocd thread with this post, i'll just put it out here as well, in case it could help you (this is copypasted from that earlier post, sorry about that)

i don't know if this could help you at all, but this is my story how i beat ocd, i'll just send this to you in case something that helped me could help you too. i know the hell of ocd, it's awful always questioning and analyzing everything, not being able to just be and rest. anyways, here it is:

I was scared of using antidepressants, so i looked for alternatives, and found many and for me, they really worked. i got huge help from bach flower remedies(bach flower remedies can be used with any medication, 'cos they are so called "energy medicine" so if you are on medication bach remedies can be used anyway); white chestnut for unwanted repetitive and intrusive thoughts that won't go away, cherry plum for fear of going crazy and losing mind and losing control and doing something you don't want to do, pine for guilt, crab apple for fear of dirt, contamination, sin, bacteria etc, scleranthus for being unable to decide, constantly changing mind, cerato for not trusting yourself and your inner voice and being very sensitive to outside influence, always doubting yourself, and also walnut for protection from outside influence, mimulus and aspen for fears, so these flower remedies are really good for ocd. i also used st. john's wort, valerian and passion flower and took zinc and magnesium and a good E-EPA fish oil capsules (E-EPA and st. john's wort have been in some research found to be very effective in treating ocd, but i found valerian and passion flower to be very calming, and zinc and magnesium are good for the nervous system, too), i read up a lot on orthomolecular medicine, that treats mental disorders (schizophrenia, panic attacks, ocd, depression....) with vitamins and minerals, fatty acids and a gluten-free diet also free of sugars, caffeine and additives (i have noticed that sugar and caffeine give me anxiety and after ingesting gluten i don't feel good either, being gluten-free has helped me tremendously with ocd and anxiety). The herbal remedies and vitamins and fatty acids are supposed to naturally balance and help the brain and nervous system, so that ocd is naturally healed (ocd is thought to have being caused by low amounts of serotonin and dopamin and these remedies help with that), i've read about remedies like amoryn (that has herbs and vitamins in it, that have been very helpful for ocd, i haven't used amoryn myself, but have used some of the stuff that's in it). don't give up, you will get better, just keep finding and searching for cures and remedies, just don't give up! i don't know if this was of any help to you, sorry to bother you with this, but just in case, i want you to know there is lots of help out there for ocd! you can also google with "alternativementalhealth" and "orthomolecular medicine" and you'll get links to websites, that have stories about overcoming and healing from ocd with natural remedies, there is hope, don't give up, many have had it and have overcome it! i'll pray you get better!

i really hope you get better and can beat ocd and enjoy life again. god bless you!

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