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Someone help diagnose me. I get these periods in my life that are usually triggered by an event. Like loosing my job or financial troubles etc. I am going through that now. So along with this I feel very depressed and hopeless. I also suffer with anxiety and panic attacks that seem to come with this depression. I have been off antidepressents and Klonopin for 2 yeARS AND ALL WAS FINE. Last month I lost my job and now I am back in this tailspin I know all too ofton. The dr just yesterday put me back on Klonopin and Lexapro. I havent begun it yet. Now here is the kicker. Along with the depression and anxiety I feel paranoid to a degree, well I dont know if its paranoia or just obsesive thoughts. I start to worry that I am going to get arrested for something (I havent done anyting illegal, its just a fear) and be put in jail and my wife and 3 kids will be left homeless with no money because I am in jail and they will not even have the money to visit me in jail and then she will divorce me and my kids will wind up in foster home.........So i know its all irrational thinking, but its like these thoughts get in my head and wont leave. If I see the news and see a story about some on going to jail, it will trigger this roller coaster ride of obsessive thoughts. Its like I become THAT person on the news. Or here is one even better. I am in business for myself, and I have a website. I have gotton obsessed with seeing who is looking at my website. I check sometimes 4 times a day, and if I get any .gov hits I start to immagine its some sort of investigation and I am being watched. Last week I got a hit from the IRS and that put me deep into my roller-coaster thinking that I am going to go to jail for tax evasion. I start to think that the $39.00 I forgot to declare on my 1977 taxes has finally caught up to me.......when in reality, I get tons of web traffic from consumers, and more then likely some of them work in government offices and if an IRS employee happens to be shopping for eyeglasses online on her lunch hour, and doing it on a government computer, it will show up as a hit from I ask you people WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME!
By the way, all these symptoms of depression, anxiety, and paranoia come together and are triggered by a stressful event. Right now its lack of money and loss of my job. I need some advice please

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